Berbs of what is now

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Good morning world!! yes I say that every morning and I mean it. I am happy to get up and start a new day. I am going to change the site’s name to Talkabout. The reason for this is many. First this is a free site and ConversCity now will be for business the creation of what I have learned and what products I used to learn and grow. sure you will get some of that on Talkabout but I need as you will need a venue where you make a living.

I find that sometimes when you learn and grow your goals and all things change. so it may seem that I have not been doing this long to start a business but I ask the question when will it be soon enough. I have to do the action part of what I want to do in life. this falls in line with the take action theme when I tell you to do the same get over your fears. and the best way to get over your fears is to jump right in. Now the whole purpose for this blog as I have said is to provide a way for the new people to see and understand some of the foundations of creating your own success, your own job. oh boy I sometimes think that word is a bad word. but I have grown to understand that it is not a bad word. it is the intent and the expression that goes with that word that can be considered bad. for now I will not go off into that tangent. smile. the way in which to do this deed for you I want to present interviews with some of the companies  and show the individual who is in that particular companies motivation and what that company can offer you.

Remember or go back to that day that I was so concerned that change was coming to my job that I just could not stomach or I was totally upset about. well they have postponed the actions for now. it could be next month who knows but I got my little self all worked up and it made me take more action and I have done more steps to getting there. if I don’t start now.  now I see that was a good thing because it made me more determine to get my act together and start. yes I was taking baby steps but now I am throwing my self into it more deeply. You have to do what you have to do to survive life challenges.

when thinking on what to do and how to do it there are many thoughts on that. your passions I should be first. it is a great thing to do something you like to do. and some of the companies I will present may fit some or all of your passions. take me as the example. I like to travel and I like helping others and I like photography. heck I went to SIU to study photography and I have always liked to write. the other passions for gardening and design and dyi will take a back seat to the first three. sure I can come back and visit the other passions or goals but I have to start someplace and get my feet soaking wet with the building around these first desires.

I have always known that I wanted to be self-employed or my own boss, I have always wanted to be and do more than one thing, so I have the entrepreneur spirit.  Now how to create what I want to do. to help you and me the interviews will show us the who and the what. it is the helping part of my passion, the interviews also fills my desire to put photography back into my life.  The writing of the blog and  sharing my thoughts and deeds is the of course the writing.

When thinking on life purpose the question that comes to mind is does it have meaning to me and to you. well only time will tell if it has meaning to you. but to me yes it does. it puts my thoughts and desires in to action, and it makes me feel good to help another learn or see that every one is not out to cut your thought for your blood. wow that was graphic. Sorry about that.

I hope I don’t turn some of you off by saying this but oh well. I am a God-fearing and God-loving women and I may not go to church every week. I think that is due to wanting a different kind of church to attend I want a world church that every race/culture  or close to it is represented. I don’t know what plans he/she has for me but I know I am not an island unto myself. Yes I send most my time not in the company of many only at work  and I am a little introverted, but I love people and that is where the travel and the interviews come into the mix as well. I want to look in the mirror and see way down deep that I have brought a little meaning to what life is. and that is to love, to learn to share and to care and to teach. that is what I think life is truly all about.

I don’t want to be on an island all by my self. that is to me a boring and non productive life. oh no not for me. touch me feel me share with me. grow. I think that is the plan. but who knows.

one must get past the thinking of and get to the doing of. remember when you first wanted to drive a car, well what did you do. sit there and dream about it yes but if you drive now. there was at some point you got up and got to action and got to learning how and then you started driving well you know all the steps there will the same thing goes with starting the online thing or what ever you have got to get your self out there and do and learn and then you can say that you did it. sure I swiped a few cars along the way but I learned and have not hit another car since. Smile Mistakes you learn by them and if they are not totally out the box then you grow and succeed.

In a little bit I am going to ask you to join me by RSS feed or link . This blog I hope will be interesting and more so when I start the interviews I have to upgrade so that I can put video on.  With interviews it sometimes is hard to get them to do the interview. So that has been a challenge too. but once they see that their brand and the company will get exposure I am sure they will come  and be happy to share their inspiration,goals,drive and the company’s value with you and me.

oh let me ask this question. what questions from the companies would you like to ask. I have a few set up but I would like to know what is most important to you. for now list them below so that all can see and we can come to agreement as to what is asked.

well for now. Its tax time for me so I will see you soon. there are a few more thoughts so I think later to-day I will be back.  smile. that’s life huh!


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