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People helping each other leveraging to build

Hi,  folks how is every one doing this fine and wonderful day! I am doing great!! How about you.

Today I want to hit on the subject of  leverage.

You use leverage with most things in life. For the good and the bad and to get something you want.  You have to think how am I going to get the most bag for my work or for my dollar. Or how am I going to get him to think of me and not her. Or if going to look for a car what things do I need before I go into the dealership so I can have an advantage over the sale/ cost of the car. So first I want to give you the definition of what leverage is. Then I want to talk about it a little so that you can see how we must think and grow around that idea of how to use leverage and how it applies to you and me and the internet or any business.

The big definition. The power over other people  especially something that gives an advantage but not referred to openly. In finance the borrowing of money to purchase the company in hope that it will, make enough profit to cover the interest.

Now when thinking about doing business on-line you first think of setting up a website, a blog and writing or teaching or showing someone how to do a thing or a selling a product.  But the situation is how do I get others to come and how to get the search engines to come see me. Well you have to do a lot of work with the writing and blogging and content in your website and drawing others to you by social media and so on.  You are all by your self. The key to this idea is to leverage your self.

How by joining groups of like-minded others who are in one area doing the same thing you are doing. We can also see that in order to get more or have an advantage over others who may be doing the same thing is to leverage your self. One way to leverage your self is to join  a site that is considered  an authority site.

An authority site is just a site that puts up a lot of content and more pages than other sites. When the search engines see/spider for content  which they feed on. this is done so they in turn can send the person searching for information to that content.  The idea here is to get with a site that has a lot of content so your content will be included in the search and your content will have more value due to the other content on these content-rich websites. this makes your job easier.  This is what SEO(search engine optimization is all about. This will leverage you to a higher position with the search engines and it will also build your reputation of being a good source for information regarding the subject matter  and useful content desired. being a new person trying to build something it helps with traffic your way because of the many and varied content.

I also think of leverage this way as well. When you are new to any kind of information, business, market, ways of thought, about any thing. You search and find way to learn something faster so that you can get to where you want to be faster and easier than to learn every thing by trial and error.  Reading what others have done or are doing and by joining groups website and following  mentors you push the learning curve up for your self and that too in my view is leverage. You are not recreating the wheel and learning that it must always be round and not square. You bypass some of the errors and time one would make when trying to do something.

Time is an important factor as well. They say time is money and who wants to waste money or time. We follow the mentors the ones who have done a deed before we have and we learn by their telling us of the trials and tribulations of their journey. Their knowledge becomes our knowledge and it puts us ahead of others who did not get this information.

Leverage is also using social media, technology to automate task. reading books that show you how and why,  creating a membership site, or a search engine for a niche,  newsletter and affiliates. These mentioned are other examples of using these tools to gain more leverage around the internet. they are used every day. So use them your self.

A book one should read is How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie. First I did not want to read the book because I am a nice person and a caring person and it just seemed false to learn how to influence others. I want them to be natural not make them do something not of their own will.  I really don’t want to use hard sale talk to make others buy or do what I  want.That is not my way.

However after reading the book which was recommended as a must read.  I try to follow the mentors suggestion. But  being the individual that I am, my  mind said check it out don’t be negative trust what he says. But what I learned was this . It helps you to be more caring of how to do and say things to others, and it takes you away from the self and puts you in others shoes. and it is a very positive book. when looking to find out what do people want and what motivates another it is good to think how another may perceive or how other focus or what is the thought behind that statement or action. we must be concerned so that we do not offend  or cause resentment and to add value to our purpose. and this book give the reason why and how. good book to add to our reading list which is also apart of the concept of leverage.  Smile

The new terms in this post are:  leverage, SEO, Authority sites  and niche

Have a good day folks for that’s all she wrote on this subject this day!


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