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I just love Pinterest, it is like looking in a big picture book or catalog and you are viewing it with others. So you get to see how your taste and style matches with others. It is fun in a wasteful time sort of way. It is sharing how you feel about the images you see.  Wishful desires of what you want and what could be.

Now today or this evening I was reading another blog and the blog had this little note in it stating give credit where credit is due.  That blog reminded me that I wanted to post this little warning about Pinterest that I heard while listening to a podcast that I go to often . It is also a practice that I do here or try to do. For example in a post I talked about downsizing the image I used there was from the Small house book by Jay Shafer. I gave credit there. I also really like this idea and  one day would like to have or build one of the houses. Any way back to the podcast.

The message in the pod cast was this; beware of pinning other people images, art work and so on. You could be sued due to copy right issues. Now the Podcast does say that it is most likely not going to happen but you could find your self in a big group lawsuit over the issue. The point of view Pinterest has is that you dear piner take full responsibility over what you do. They are not going to take responsiblity over any thing that others repin or pin. so have fun doing the pins but take note of what you may be involved in.

Boy was that an eye opener to me about the site. So from the point that I heard this news I have stopped pinning and if I do I will pin some of my own pictures and images, and  I will see if any of the other images are from the vendor for they want their items pinned and purchased. these are cool to repin.

I understand and agree that one should ask or find out if the image or item one wants to use should be use with the owner permission or see if it is open to share with others.

We on the internet may think that all items found online are fair game to use at will. But in truth it is not the case.

The term of open source comes to mind. Open source is a term used to let us know that the subject matter is free to redistribute and access. The concept of open source came about due to the very thing I have been talking about in this post free stuff to use from other as long as it is by consent by the original owner. An open source item most times does have a link back to the person who created it or who designed it.

It was started from the rise of the many who use the internet and  wanted to have access to items on the internet.  Groups/ individuals saw the need and the why to market these items for use and to share and get credit for the creation.  In most cases it is ok to use items marked as open source. In some of my blogs and post and articles I also use infographic and they are designed most times to use and to share a concept with others so they too are open source items. I will in another post tell you about infographic.

I felt the need to let you know about Pinterest and to use it with caution. it is a great site and I love it, and will continue to use it.  One must understand the principle of plagiarism and copyright infringement. Not every one wants to share their creations, and they do have that right.  But we must take calculated risk  and be concerned and considerate when using any thing online.

When I find out that I have done the deed, I myself try to go back and use my own stuff. t This is why sometimes you will see most images change here on some of the postings. I like you was not aware of not being able to use images at free will. Now I know now I change, that is also why I have  a lot of picture of self here until I grow my own collection of images.  Now concepts and thoughts some times are different. Every one at one point  has the same thoughts and concepts, ideas. So some of these we can chalk up to; Great Minds think a like! So do share your thoughts ideas they are great it can also be considered a conformation that you too are great and good and you are not on an island of great ideas alone. who blogs you blog and so do I. Smile

I will not be real picky about other using my stuff as long as it is in good taste. With  some other content you ask or give credit. That is fine by me.


Have a great day!!


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That is an awesome, well-measured post! Many users speak of their enjoyment of Pinterest, but some of the people whose copyright is infringed are less impressed:


Thank you so much. I just thought that others should understand what is going on and how it could affect them in the long run. and now after visiting your blog or site. I understand your point of view even more. and I understand you completely. I am sure you have looked into the matter however I found this and I hope it helps a little.

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