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Hi, Well it has been a few weeks since I wrote any thing here. I have been busy doing too much in the real world,  not to say that this is not the real world . when you work or have a job and then there are all the other things that one does and things just get in the way of what you want to do and what you should do and must and have to do. but you all know about life right I don’t have to sit here and tell you of all the things and the reason why. I think that would be a waste of your time and my time giving you all the little details of my life.  So I will touch on some of the key points. if you please.

1. I have been doing some research on franchises  I will give you some of that information later. But the thing about them that I found out or that my guts feels about most of them not all of them but most. Is that you are paying to buy your self a job for a few thousand dollars and some loans.  You buy it and they give you plans that you follow, you have only what they want you to sell or do. You have a uniform, you have set hours of operation, you have to be in a selected location(territory), most things are planed out for you.  Then you share the profits,( a percentage of gross sales off the top and you may end up making only  40 to 70 thousand dollars a year if that at all in your first few years.

Well that is ok but  when I think of working for my self I would think freedom of time and place!  I want to set my own hours and where I do my work. And I don’t want someone telling me what to wear and how to do the work and who to buy my supplies from. But some may think ok at lest  I have a job that no one can fire me from. You have to find the right franchise for you.  If in a year or two you don’t like it, you have to find someone who will by it from you if not you have a big loss and the parent company wanting more payments.

2. I started a fan page on face book and that is  it is ok it is not what I thought it would be. But I am working on it and learning facebook marketing. A clue why does it cost so little to advertize there??

3. I joined a marketing group or an authority site by the name of IBOtoolbox. it is a site that a lot of marketers go to and blog and  associates find you that come to you.   then they help spread your message and you help them spread their message around the other social site on the net. I don’t know if it really helps any at all you must have or should  do two blogs post a day  to earn points do help with advertising on the site. Sounds like empowernetwork to me with all the blogging for building the authority site up and then up selling you.

The one thing I can say that you do met a lot of great people who are doing as you do and with the same mind-set that you have in wanting more leads and sales and branding.  I think I have done about three post there and helped spread other message around the few social networking site I go to.

One reason I have not done a lot there is my limited time factor.  if one is in business you goal should be to work on your business most of the time not other people business. now don’t get me wrong a helping hand is just that, helping. and I find nothing wrong with that. but when I am a new person I need to build my brand and do activities that promote that. I will chat more on IBO in another post. For there are some very good things doing there and I found a few business to explore and people to explore too. Smile. I do like the site for other reasons as well.

4. I have been helping my downline work their parties and presentations. and going to training events,

5. Networking online and offline with groups.

6. Mowing the lawn I got the hang of it but it takes so much time and I don’t have time to do the weeding. and how do I keep my dog out of the pansies? do you know she eats some of my plants? oh my!! and she races around in there for I don’t know what??

7. Work my 9 to 5. with all the changes it has there. they want you life and then they change every thing again and want you to smile about it even if you think it is a foolish move and just made to give you stress and more grief. They want me to work weekends after years of not doing it.

8. exploring other work at home and online jobs. and collecting the information, on programs and systems, empowernetwork, miniwebsites, or network-marketing companies.

9. and in between  some of that which is a host of other things I have not listed smile, I have read 4 more books 2 to share with you and two just for my pleasure. and yes tweeting a little.

10. messing with and backing up my hard drives and searching for new ones. the old one is too full and I have run out of space. so flash drives are on hand and the search is on for a new one with 2tb of back up power LOL.

12. A wedding( my ex got married to a wonderful women and I just had to be there to support them both and one more date. You now going out with a guy! but  oh well that is another thing LOL. So if a guy is into you does he not want to talk to you a lot? To find out who and what you like to do? What are your goals and the things in your life? Yes!  But not him! LOL exactly. Oh well, next!!  Another friend maybe .

I will but up the new picture of me that I think I will use to brand myself, for now any way.

So I have been busy. and I will go into details on a few of the things listed above.

but all in all I must say the exploring is worth its journey I like. but I think I could be more organized and productive if that darn 9 to 5 was not in the way. smile.

My mind is set, I see the changes, I want to jump, but a wise man takes it step by step and leap by leap. that is if you still have folks depending on you ! Smile. Have a great day and  week.

If you love what you do is that work? I want to do more of that.


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