A little history of the name.

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Howdy folks and welcome back to Converscity!! I sound a little country today! well I was born in the state of texas So I am taking that liberty and I do like country music as well. I was raised on that kind of music and classical and Hawaiian too. A little different I guess, but that is who I am. In my teens I was into the rock or soft rock, like Fleetwood mac, and the group yes, and Queen the prince. while exploring music my mom and dad took us all over the country in a pop-up camper-van. I spent most of my summers in camp grounds chasing chipmunks and fishing and roasting marshmallow by the campfire with some of the other families. oh yes and giggling at the streaker, we had a great time, mom, dad, me and my sister. Well, let me get on with this little story. It is not about me but this blog and how I came about the name of this blog and the website.
Let me tell you a little history of converscity, I started converscity back in 2008. It was a dating site first, and it was built so that I and my children could build a dating site that would be talk related and getting to know one another first before one would start to date. They wanted me to get back out in the world and date, Since I had divorced their father and was not dating ,and he was always dating LOL. Even before we divorced he was always dating.So I took their advise and I joined this site called interracial singles. I loved that site and I did meet a few men that I dated, but the real fun with in that site to me was the message boards. They were fun and we talked about all subjects related to dating and life and getting back out in the dating field. I learned a lot about the new dating world and the do’s and don’t with dating anew. To this day I have a lot of friends from that site.Both men and women friends. I don’t date from that site any more, the site did some major changes which lead me to want to start a site so that the fun could continue. One based on getting to know each other in the form of conversation first in an open forum.It was never with the intent to make money just to develop relationships though the conversation and fun,enjoyment and an open venue.

But we had problems. my son who was in college for graphic art was to help build it and to do all the development and my daughter who was going to help run the forum with me and grow the chat room. Well at that time it was a big job with them in school and I having to work and run the house and all the other outside duties, I had with church and other social groups. So in short we were over our heads and most of the work that needed to get done was not done, So it sat there. At the time I did not know anything about advertising,branding and getting traffic. I did not know anything about all of that and besides I was not in it to make money so sales funnels and sale-pages seemed not the thing to do and I did not know about all of that anyway. I think that is how it appeared when some of my friends were invited to the site once I got a prototype up and running.
Then the kids flopped out of it and had to many things to do with in their own lives and agenda. So it has stayed parked. Now the idea and the desire awoke in me to think of working online, and to help others who wanted to do the same thing so what would I call this adventure, then I found out about blogging. I had a names and the name would fit with what I wanted to do have more conversation but about working instead of dating. So this is the short history of how I selected the name of this blog and again the to be site. I am switching the site over to a new hosting company, it was suggested that one hosting company works better with wordpress than the other one, so with that I had to renew the site so that I could transfer it to the new hosting.(the renewing at the old site vs just moving it has to do with the time factor and waiting and hoping someone else does not grab the name while you play a 45 day waiting game) oh boy!! Oh well! Yes still I have to plan and format some graphic for it. This time I am doing most of the work and the planing and the content slowly yes but it is happening.

it is important if you are working with others that they are all in and each have their role to play and they are in it as they say to win it. Everyone has to come together and do the work. I started off this time using a blog as a way to start with the content part of the process. It’s easier to start with the content for me and to grow with in that structure.

I found out about blogging more than four years ago just exploring the web and then a friend had some social issues that he wanted to get out and so I made a blog for him and then that started me to think that this is also how I could get my feet wet with the subject I wanted to do for myself. In the about me page I give the break down of how the converse and city came about. This is the history of the name and how I came up with the name. For you the name of your business or blog or website should mean something to you or tell what you are about or what you sell or market. The name is an important factor. yes I understand that most think the product is the most important but with the branding and name recognition the naming of your site ,brand or business is also very important. one of the first steps in the process of doing any of this.

Do some brain storming and see what you come up with and then take it to friends and family for opinions and pair it with the product or service. what is the product does it match the name? Like what I am doing with mine; Converscity or other examples like WordPress, Facebook, Copyblogger,Blogger,Burger king, and Skymall and so on. If the name does not say what it is that you are doing then you may have to build a brand around the name like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Pepsi,Apple to name a few of these that built recognition around the name. The name should be catchy and not too long. You do want others to find you and not have to remember a very long domain name like samseashellsandbakedgood.com (just an example hopefully that is not a real name). It just helps people find you better,faster with less difficulty.
One way you can find a name(if you don’t have one) is to do a search for one as well. Just do a word search in google, or go to some of the hosting sites and put in your selected name and see what comes up.Your name or variations of it will pop up available or not. I will go into this more in another post on the subject. However you do want to stand out a little. So do some home work and see what you come up with.If you have a little history with a name or your initials, start with these in your search. Then name that baby and let’s get cooking. Have a great day and week yawl!!

And the quote for today is…… Making life less difficult for others is to be encouraged. creating happiness for others is to be rewarded.

I also wish to say I hope with all the mess and the lost of life in boston and in texas this week that we can just come together as one and pray or say a kind word for all these not with us this day! They were loved and will be missed. I do feel so sad for the life lost.


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