Can I have two more hands and another me please!

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Hi and I have to say wow this weekend went by in a flash, and it seems most of the work I have I have done is cook this and cook that. being a mom and a daughter to my 80 year young mother, and I being the only family member that can cook I did it all once again, now don’t get me wrong I love to cook. I love seeing everyone enjoy the food that I do cook, but at times it would be nice if I had more of me so that the other things I want to do ( like this blog) I can do. I as a lot of women have in me the need to see others happy!



So my mom wanted to invite an old friend over and her daughter came with her it was very nice meeting and seeing my mom friend. I also found out that her daughter is a follow blogger, she has a blog on blog spot. I would like to connect with her and tell you a little about her blog in the future as it is I like to ask first before mentioning her blog here. My daughter and my nephew had friends over too. It is great being social it was fun. I remember doing the cooking with the older women of the house but now they are all gone and I am left showing the things that I learned from them.

I love it and I am proud to be able to past that on to my children. This being memorial weekend the true sense of remembering my loved ones came in very strong this weekend. I am so thankful. My sister and my dad and my grandmother and a host of uncles and aunts are remembered this day! and I am so grateful for their memory I have and share and cherish for ever. in the food, and social times and yes the plants in my yard are a memorial for them as well.

It is also spring time and it is the time of year for growth, and to share. I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your family and friends. I do wish my son was here for he too likes to cook. he is the chef after all. he is currently in sun valley id. and he is working at the valley club there. he works there for lunch and dinner if you go there tell him his mother sends her love. smile. he is finally getting the fine dinning experience that he wanted. and learning to live on his own. how great is that. Smile

this has been a very busy time for me since it is spring and I love to garden I had a whole host of new plants to plant and to change and to rearrange. my back yard is taking shape and the front yard I am working on changing it. I am trying to cut out all the mowing in the front and the back yard. so I am experimenting with ground cover. That is one project that must be done in the spring to get them established before summer kicks in.After that I will just have to maintain them and see how they fare. then I can devote more of my time to my projects online. So I did have to take a break from the work online to that of being outside. I also took a trip to see my son, since he had a week or two open before the summer season opened up for him to start work. then I came back home and Wow I had a car accident. no one was hurt but it put another dent in my funds. This is something else to be thankful for.

I also had another hearing to go to. and that seems to keep you busy mentality and physically as well. When things are not settled with in your little world and you have to deal with work related problems it feels like you can’t get all the parts or all things in a final disposition. Your mental peace of mind has a lot to do with creation and fulfillment of all parts of self. Since I am in the union I can’t move on any thing with the lawyers until they have finished with their process. It has taken for ever it seems. Remember I was laid off back in december of 2012 and it is now May 2013. Well now it would seem that one could have a biter taste within my being but that is just not me. I always for some reason see things in a positive light. yes I was laid off but then I also came down with the flu. If I had been at work I would have lost a lot of time being off. Sure financially it hit me hard.

However, I also have the good habit of saving and paying in advance with most of my bills and yes some other bills were put on the back burner. What could one do? put all things and plans on hold!! ( the websites)

Money does not make me happy or sad. it is just a form of exchange that I use. My happiness or contentment comes from within. The things that I experiences and learn and share and create and things that I am grateful for ( family,health, thoughts goals friends, beginnings. I also understand that I am not perfect. The world is not perfect. I will never be perfect that is not my goal in life.

The things that rock my world are simple things. I like being creative and motivational and to work toward my goals and to learn, and yes to be loved and to give love. Like most other people in the world the feeling of being loved is important. I don’t want to hurt anyone and I don’t want to be rich. I don’t need millions to be happy. I feel better when I can govern my little world. The parts that I can work my way. but I am good with the understanding that every little thing in my world will not go my way most of the time. I really expect it not too. but that too is the challenge. So I say to self now how do I work this little situation out.
I guess in a way I like solving problems too.
So what are the key points here?
1. I need more hands and another me, Smile.
2. A Great Memorial day a time to remember and give thanks.
3. Spring a time to learn and grow.
4. making others happy does make you happy as well.
5. More hands and two me to accomplish more!
6. A positive mental state of mind helps you see a path.
7. Money is not happiness. it is within.
8. I am not perfect but that is A-OK!
9. The world is not perfect, why expect it to be?
10. if you don’t see a clear path it will make you stumble, and put all things on hold.
11. I need a clone!
12. A positive mental perspective is key.

well folks that is all she wrote today. but as with most post from me I have to leave you with a Quote!

When you are angry, count to ten;the bad feelings will diminish. When you are happy, count until your tire; the pleasure will be prolonged.


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