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Hello and welcome again to converscity. The place or the medium that I use to talk about working online and other stuff but the emphasis is ways to work online. Today I am covering the website. In business online, most experts will tell you that you need a website to brand and promote your business or services and products. However you can do the same thing with a simple blog. But in order to have more control on the content and the overall design and function of your little piece of online real-estate I think to have a website is the way to go. Lets take me for example I want a website so that I can work online and brand myself and to also control the content and to sell products and affiliate products. The content that I want to control is the ads that appear on the site. I want to learn how to place ad on the site and just what it is to be. The related products or services that I like or think are useful. Right now on this blog there are ads that are shown but, I have nothing to do with them I don’t have control of them. Since you also know ( from comments on earlier postings that I like things to be useful in many ways. I want any ads to benefit me and relate to the content that I am chatting about.

When I come to my blog here I don’t see the ads but I know that they are there. Because one day I was showing a friend how to get to my site and wow I saw the ads. Now I am not a real big control freak but since I am trying to make a start at making a living this is one detail that I want to have a hand in as well. The free blog will not let me put my own ads on or approve what goes on it,since it is free. You have to upgrade for that. Only when I make it into a website will I have the control I need to say what ads and where and when. Some other good reason to have the website is this, it gives you more credibility in the market today that is an important factor with branding yourself. It is somewhat expected when you are trying to do business it also give a more professional image.

I want to have a blog with the website included within it. I will also be able to build a community and have content that is always fresh and new to some. I also understand that there are many others who write about the same thing and the information that I write about can be found if one does a search on the net. But some times when you see it written in a new or in the perspective of another you can get more meaning or understanding that one did not get at the first reading of the information. I remember times I have told my daughter and my son information or given advise, they understand what I have told them but it is when someone else confirms this same information that they finally get it or it hits home with them.I sort of see that happening here. with my simple writing of information. Ok now since I have covered the disclaimer that this is not all new subject matter, let’s get on with the reasons why a website. I love the idea of having the two mix.

Today you have the a hybrid site that combine the best of both. A blog and a website and that is what I am going for. Today it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between the two with blogs having the added function of tracking traffic and all the other resources of plugin and the software. furthermore,it is a little know fact that blogs get more traffic from the search engines and are a better or faster use of SEO than a website due to more frequent content creation. The two terms that come to mind are static and dynamic.
They are both a kind of content management system. The static system is one that is unchanged or it is pre-built and it is the same each and every time one views it. For example when you come to my site here, I have a static first page. I wanted you to view that information first, the introduction of who I am and what this site is about. This first post I made it that way so it will not move, the rest of the blog is dynamic. Now most blogs are what is referred to as dynamic which means it changes all the time and the content is new. It is not in first written order(chronological order) but what was last in the content creation cycle. The search engines are always looking for new content so this format works great for them and an excellent benefit for you. They index the information faster than a static system like a website. So this should be a clue to anyone who wants to be seen faster,sooner on the search engines. A blog does the trick. I have read one analogy which I like.
a blog is like a magazine but digital and a website is a brochure in the digital world of the internet. A magazine and it’s articles are updated more often where the brochure is only updated when information is changed or not important anymore. So I want the brochure and the magazine. since I also have ideas of being a writer. I know I have a long way to go with that,but you have to start some place. So dive in and get these toes wet and all muddy!!

Money is not every thing but it helps the medicine go down right?. Or it helps with goal setting. However it is a medium of exchange that most people need to for fill the dreams and wishes to help others and to put more plants in the garden of choice, food on the table, to give advice, to share the knowledge of life!! Heck to change things in your life that you want to change. In other words it is a motivator or can be, but it is not a love. I love people places and ideas and learning and books my dog. But this society uses it. So there for so must I and all of us.

So there you have it the why a website and that is all she wrote for this day of grace and promise. Next time Web hosting companies! I will tell you why I selected the ones I am using and a little of how they work. Before I say good night dear journal and good night dear friends,here is a little quote for your consideration.

Happiness is not a reward-it is a consequence. Suffering is not a punishment it is a result. By Robert Green Ingersoll

Ok one more quote… No man was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave. By Calvin Coolidge
Here is a little picture of my dog she is hard to photograph for some reason she does not like to stand still for them. I thought i would share her pretty face with you. smile my little girl


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