Early in the morning

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Welcome back to converscity. Is it that early in the morning that I am sitting here writing this? Last week I was up early on a fluke going to bed early. And my body telling me to get up you have had enough sleep. So what is going on today is it the same thing. No today I am up because I wanted to start this new little venture on what mornings would mean to me, with the creative side of myself. Can I write something in the morning like I do at night. Then with all the talk of mornings being the best time to do, from mentors that I read from like Robin Sharma. They saying that it is the best time to get any thing done. So I said well since I am up I should look into this. What I have found is this. I like being up in the mornings and if you have thoughts you can write at any time of the day.

I find that I am not as worn out at this time of the day. Mind you I get up about two hours before I go to work and I contemplate and I figure out my days plan of actions. I also do what I call mediate which means I sit there and think of nothing and just feel my surroundings and bend and starch a little. to me it is the same feelings that I get when I am out working on my garden but doing something. I think of nothing but what I am doing and I bend and pull weeds and starch and dig that hole. I feel good doing it. It all relaxes me mentality and physically. Hum what a good feeling. Now with every thing there are limitations. I know that I can not do this every single day due to my work schedule. I don’t start work until 10:00am and I get off at 6:00 pm and then run to pick up my daughter at the studio and get home for dinner. Now that does not leave me with much time to compose self and get other things done. I write on the fly, which means that I have a thought and I just start writing.

I am not the kind of person that composes my writing in advance, maybe if I did that I could spend more time with composition and grammar,punctuation headings and to emphasize what i am saying better. However that is not my thing. maybe one day i will get someone to review the writing before I hit publicize this. Ha ha. Anyway the other thing I like about mornings is the rise of the sun.



It always makes me smile when it does wake me up. It seems that it is said to me that I am so glad that you are here for another wonderful day. Then a little snake pops up and says yes now you have to go to work in the dungeon and not see the light of the natural day for most of the day. Hug! But then the positive me says Hay! cheer up, you have a job that you need now to do all the things needed to help you get out of there one day! Soon I hope! Mornings I also like that it is quiet,it is peaceful. So I see why they advocate this time of the day.

But for now I will keep to my night crawling ways and write and do my research in the night and try to get myself in the bed before 1 Am. I think some of us are wired differently I remember in my college days that I got a lot of art work done in the late night hours. it was peaceful then too. but now with a house full of younger adults with their friends and the tv. It is not as productive for me. I believe that is why I thought of the early mornings being the change that I need.

Here are a few suggestions that if the morning hours are your cup of tea then to help start the day.

Go to bed every night by 10 p.m.
Get up every morning at 5 a.m.
Read a chapter from the Bible or spiritual book every day.
Write a page in a journal every day.
Read a chapter of a good book every day.
Go for a walk.
Have breakfast not in a rush.

I have also read that it is very important to get a good night sleep more than 5 hours of sleep is best. I know that if I sleep longer than 7 hours my body hurts so I must get up then. I do believe that once I stop working and working from home I will do a flex schedule and some morning drive to the lake and walk on the lakefront. I understand that everyone is different and there is in my humble opinion the best time is when you deem it right for you.

time best for you.

what time is best for you?

Now before I go this bright and sunny morning a Quote

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow” Mark Twin


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