Break-time, summertime blues

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Hi all, and welcome back to this blog of mine and your if you like what I have here then you can call it yours. I do have to take time to explain what has been going on in my little life of late. There have been some big changes at my current job and it has thrown my life in a mess. My hours will be changing for about two weeks. It is called training, at a company that is trying to get rid of me. Fine that makes perfect sense. Do you understand what it is to be in turmoil. With your job and all the plans that have gone or are built around that job. Sure I have plans to leave that job when I was ready to. You know the plans I have for working online. The job has been working on my mind and my soul. It has caused me to stop and ponder what to do now and what steps I need to take now. I have had fun exploring the world of working online. But I have not taken that step and doing one or two of the things I have talked about. Well let me think I am working with a direct sales company so I have done some of the things and I have been looking at another one very closely.

The new company is geared more for working online than the first one. I never want to put all my eggs into one basket. So I don’t see the problem with having two direct sales companies I want to work with. No one is just one-sided a person. oh for these of you who are just now reading some of this blog a direct sales company is a network marketing company. I wrote about that subject a while ago. I am really hooked on the business model of doing business.

The benefits are great. There is no business you can start for under $1000 dollars. The key to it is, you do have to work hard. Most people do not work hard at it. They think that money will come rolling in over night which is not the case at all. You have to build it. it can take well over two years to get it to start showing any movement. if you never quit and have that kind of mindset. with one person at a time it will grow. the important part is that you have to look at it as a real business so you have to invest in learning and you have to build up your skills in promoting, and storytelling.

The storytelling is just you why of doing the business, and what motivates you to like it. you can not lie for people most times can see though a lie. And I must say what would be the point in lying? your credibility well be shot down with lies.

The other problem is what is the product and or services. What is the compensation plan. Most companies tell you that you have to act now. however I would not say that to any one. I say think on it real hard and get some facts about this kind of business and understand that in a way it is a numbers game. the more people you introduce to it the more possibility that some will join. However in my view you don’t want just anyone to join. You are looking for the person that has the same drive that you do. You have to teach others how to do what you do in order to help that person grow. This is an important part for you because you do have to like and love seeing the folks who join do well. Furthermore you can’t hold their hands in the whole process. They also have to have the desire to grow within themselves. Most network marketing companies call this teachable and coachable. You have to sow for a while before you will develop any seedlings or a wonderful plant. that is just the name of the game.

I have also finished the website but I am still messing around with learning how to put ad on it. and I still have the sign up under construction. with out these I don’t want to open it up to the world. Smile. So I have done some of the things I have talked about. silly me. I forgot these. I can actually name a few more if I think on it harder. However to me they just seem to be small things that are necessary and part of the big picture but they have less movement or impact than what I would like.

The big issue about writing about working on-line you have to do a lot of research and with some topics you don’t get to go in deep with some of it. now my intention here has always been to cover the topic a little and give you a small view of what the online jobs or business are. So that you will go out and explore the subjects like I have done in order to find that job online for your self.

OK now I went off subject a little. I wanted to simply say that I am going to take a break from writing the blogs so that I can dive into working. there is a saying that you are not in business if you are not making any money from it. the money is just a means of measuring your input. So I have to get started now not later. Sure I love coming here and to the other blog and writing I like it very much. The break will possibly only for the rest of the summer. I also have to take my pc in for a few repairs during this time. this was a family pc and it is filled with years of family stuff so I have to clear all that so that it will dedicated to the sole purpose of working online for my self. I have helped most of the family members get laptops of their own so that I can do just that.


You know you do have to download your website from time to time and I have put in place the cloud back up to do that once I get this pc ready for work. the summertime blues is the fact that I have to train in a location that I really don’t want to train in and that I have to be away from writing on the blogs for a while. in my mind I have pondered this move as something I don’t want to do but I see that I have to in order to I see it as saving my neck LOL. I also have to work with an attorney due to a work situation that I was put into which is not fair. So I have many things on my plate that I must take care of now.
I have been working in my garden because it keeps me grounded so to speak. yes that was a play on words there but it is true.


Next week starts my training. but the break will come in August. I have two blogs subjects I have in draft that I want to get out before the break comes in and before this mac goes in the shop. Also I need to shop around for a new camera. The photos that come from my phone are good but they are not great or what I am looking for. Remember now I like taking pictures in fact that is what I majored in at SIU. But digital is where it is now so I have to upgrade my camera. If you have any suggestion please pass it along to me. I will be so grateful for the help.


Well that is all she wrote for today. but in parting I just have to leave you with a quote as always. Smile. I will leave you with two. this first one is from me.

1. Positive is not the negative,So be positive that is life and the joy of hope.
2. Placing a value on wealth is transitory. Knowing how to count is knowledge unchanged.


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yes thanks it is useful. to take breaks, time to do other things and to think and plan to attend to family and friends. smile. thanks for your comments.


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