The Morning after

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Early mornings blues

Well, I am just getting off to a brand new week and back to my 10 A.m to 6 P.m. work week. I found it hard to be productive working those early hours. In an earlier post I was trying it out,one or two days a week. And at that time I did not know that the training was to happen. boy was that a sock to my overall system. I guess after years of working the later hours it was hard to change to the 5 Am wake up time. the first week I was a mess. the second week was a little better. However I was still very tired. The morning after I finished that training I did not get up but stayed in bed til 11 am. The whole weekend I was attending to work I had neglected. I had intended to come back here and post that post about what was going to happen but I forgot all about it. I just today posted it because I felt there was still some useful information there to post. I also have come to the decision to take some time off for the summer.

What is life about any way. Also my son is coming back in town and I would like to do somethings with him and the family. I want to get out and about for a while before the end of summer which is almost here! oh my how time flies.It waits for no one.

I have the website up now but, I am still working on it. yes it is live, At first I was holding off on making it live because I wanted all things to be in oder. But then I as I always do, read from some of my mentors and they relay the idea that you can not wait until something is perfect. Now understand this I know I am not perfect and that is not my goal. My goal here is to explore all the ways to make a living online. On the blog and website Netnewbi the goal is to talk and motivate others like me to keep on pushing on with your endeavors of working as a network marketer and Direct sales person with thoughts and idea and place to get more information on the subject of marketing encouragement. One Key point here is that with a blog that explores ways of making a living online you do not get to go all the way with some of the subject matter that I cover. An example of that was the topic of franchises however after really looking at them I did come to the conclusion that buying into a franchise is just like buying into a job. I don’t want to buy a job for myself. Now if I started a franchise that would be a different matter and a whole new ball game. However you would have to have a product or service that others would also want to buy as a job to do or to offer others. The Cost factor is not one that someone can just jump into. We are talking thousands of dollars here, a business plan and spot on credit ratings. Furthermore a host of regulations and restrictions from the parent company.Oh boy not for me. However these are my thoughts on it, it could be for some of you. I want to look at work online that does not cost that much,and less restrictive and a little more creative.

I really enjoy writing these blogs, now I believe I have a passion for writing I use to write little stories. So I think the next online work I will write about is the freelance writer, which also includes the copywriter. I will explore that topic as I mess with Netnewbi website more, and work on the direct sales that I do, I work with 2 companies. The first company I have put on the back-burner because I really joined it to just travel. It is nice like that due to having no monthly quota to go for. The other reason it’s on the back-burner is you could not really do it correctly online with marketing. And as I know and you too I want to work online. Last summer I ran around town with meetings here and there and just everywhere. Sure it was fun for a while but I know in my heart of hearts that was also not for me. Not running the streets as I was. Some times you have to do something for a while until you see and understand that this was not my idea of what I wanted to do. However I know others find this a great and wonderful way to build.My daughter loves it. So I searched and found a program that I could do online. So now or after this little break for summer I will be promoting it and back to blogging.

Summer time is a hard time to work in doors. For every chance I got I was outside enjoying the wind and the sun, and the grass underfoot. Another hobby of mine as you know is gardening. I love it, but it has it challenges as well and it money pits too. So What does not? I ask you. nothing. Some of the days I was in writing and then I would jump up and out the back door into my yard I go. here is a little picture from that day. sometimes it does take doing a little of this and a little of that to get things done some times.

picture of my garden lovelies and the blogging

picture of my garden lovelies and the blogging

Well, for the morning after I can say this that hide sight is better sometimes that forethought. once you have jumped in and start doing you really understand what it is to do the early mornings and what it takes to work on research. and some times you do have to revamp what you will do. but the life lesson I can say about this is you live and you learn. Now is that not what life is about.

So for now til late September I will be on vacation. and when I come back I think I will try the two a month writing schedule so that I can do all that I must do to be free from the 9 to 5 gig. and I will introduce you to the network marketing programs that I do.

And as always>>>>

Quote debates subtracts from accomplishing.

debates about the impossible subtracts from trying to accomplishing


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