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This is an example of an ad that I am using on places that have a one page layout that you can use to say any thing about what you are doing and what you are about. It is only one page long. This ad was placed on a site called  There are a number of sites like this. Below is the ad.

Just a little about me, I am a young 55 year single divorced women who lives in chicago and who is starting a few online business. ( never put all your eggs in one basket) so I am not.I am starting a few things online I have a blog about working online and I have a direct sales company that is the best  travel club in the world.bulk buying at its best, to be and have the entrepreneur spirit you have to get out there and do it and fall down and cry and then get yourself back up and do it better the next time. I still have a nasty 9 to 5 but I am so working on leavening that place. I also am an artist! I think I will find some of my stuff and show it here. I somewhat want this to be a little different from some of the other social place that I am on. So you will see a little different me here more playful I think. well that is all she is gone to write here for now. Smile that smile thing is my signature. so you will see it every where I go. oh one last thing I am what you would call a social introvert. 

It is free. And you can do it too, they do have a premium feature which is an up grade. but I do every thing free first to see the difference and  to see if it is worth it. another  one page program is called  They are usually a web hosting service that lets users use a simple one page platform to link/connect to other social media sites around the web.  They are growing and large and small companies are using them to advertise and tell about themselves  and the company and products they are connected.  Most of this post was written on the other one page site and connect to this blog from there.  When I first did the ad I also had my network marketing link there. However you can not advertise on a free blog from WordPress and so I have taken that link of so that I will not get my little self in trouble and because at this time this is a free WordPress blog and not connected to the parked site that will come later after I see also what you can do with out a website.

The sole purpose of it is to show and tell not to put  an ad on it. I am sorry for the inconvenience  since I understand that some may want to get involved with the network-marketing company. And I was not aware that the link had appeared here. experiments can go haywire at times. oops! but I have corrected the situation in time I hope! gees! currently I am in the process of adding a page to compare between the two sites as well. Also a note of interest the one page site is with in a community of other one page site and some of the pages are just lovely and artfully made. simple but with a clean and professional feel to them.

Remember when I told you about an authority site will these work on the same principle  pages of content for the search engines to get information and then connect the dots to and from other sites. the SEO factor I can imagine is a little harder due to only having one page. However if you study SEO  and fill the page with key words and content. I am sure it will do ok with some tweaking from time to time. Well I am off to work in content for the newsletter and to mess with the other one page sites content too. Smile

via Sueyq (sue).

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What is SEO and how is it used

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So what is SEO and why is it important to us that have blogs, websites, web pages, you tube videos and so on.

Well, first of all SEO is short for Search Engine optimization. You use search engines to look up things you want to research or find or buy online, A search engine is like or is a data base program or software that stores and find matches to you request. Examples of that is google, yahoo, Msn, Ask, just to name a few.
Optimization is to make something more effective and be functional and effective with in a given set of rules or conditions,and or constraints.
It is a system that makes searches better and more functional for you.
There are Metasearch engines too these search though many engines at one time and are not dependent on just one engine to get results. They have been around for ever also Examples of these are Planetsearch, Dogpile to name two. Dogpile search thought the big four engines while planet search though I think 16 engines.

So why is this important to you. will if you are looking for something online the search engines makes it possible to find what you are looking for. The program or software goes though all or the most relevent information found online from pages, blogs websites, to give you what you are looking for by using your key words or key phases you use. it links or spiders to information found in these places and sends you to that spot. and if you are a blogger or an online store or page or website you want these searches to find you. So you use some of the same key words and key phrase in the body of your content and in your headings to tell the search engines find your information and send the people to you.

Also an important factor is to have traffic that come to your site and blog it states to the engine that a lot of people find your information good/ great or relevent to what they seek and the search engines will constantly come to your site and give your site a high-ranking ( top of the list) for your content is good, you have many link backs to other people and other sites. Links are important because if you have many the search engines gives your site the mark of an authority site or pages. Links are like yes or likes or votes saying you have a useful and beneficial content.



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Change and challenges makes the day!

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Do you know that life is what you make out of it. It is your life and you take chances each and every day! but most are the every day chances that lead us to the usual things that we do each day! So were are you leading your self? Are you happy with your life? or just settling for what you know and what everyone else is doing.

Do you want to make changes. if the later.

You have to plan it and see it though, and see it in your mind what the end results can be and what you want it to be. Then work toward it with getting knowledge, understanding the risk and the challenges .

Then add little task each and every day until you can and feel safe taking the big steps. With this method you also train your self to get accustom to doing something a little different each and everyday!
Remember mind over matter!

Change and challenges are good for us. It keeps us fresh and always thinking. It opens doors in our minds, and in the way we see the world and your role or part in it. Life is good when you can see that it is open to us to do what we think we can do.
Change is all around us we just have to be willing to except it and see that it can be wonderful. The seasons change, the weather, jobs, friends, our mind-set, hearts,appetites,appearances,goals,wishes and wants, shoes! love interest.Smile.

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What is Network Marketing?

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thinking of

Ok now I am back with another part to network marketing. This time I tell you what it is. So that you can understand the in and outs of this kind of business structure. First of all as you know I am a network marketer online.  That to me means I market products or services to a costumer.  I tell them a little about the product by word of mouth or by advertising. which still shows you what it is and who would need it. A few years back someone I can’t recall who, but they found out that the best way and the most cost-effective way to get the word out about a thing, product, service  is to tell one person and they tell another and so on and so on. it works because the first person you told believes in you and you have given them value(a friendship) in the past by telling them of other things that have been good to them and for them. The big trust factor plays a big role in the whole line of the action and reaction.  This reaction goes on to the next person then the next. Word of mouth advertizing good or bad, it works. it works the same way over and over.   Big and small Companies have found out that it cuts their cost in high advertizing dollars, so more and more of them are doing it today.

The companies today that use this kind of knowledge building or word of mouth building are called  network marketing companies. They tell a group of people about the product  they sell and tell them go out and tell as many people as you can about our company and if you do this I will pay you a portion of the revenues.  You are in business for yourself as an independent contractor with a small business for less  money than you would have to pay for a different model or structure business.

The idea is a good one because now the average joe or jolinda can start a business for under (in most cases) under a thousand dollars. No  business loans to apply for,  no business plans to draw up and no high franchise fees.  Never before in the history of business and sales as a model or structure worked so well. Now don’t get me wrong  franchises, and your own company are worth while things to do.  After I am finished with the network marketing and related business. I will explore the franchises as the next working model. But most times with these types you do not have the freedom to work anywhere in the world, or take you business with you.  Now days you can even do it all on-line. This is why network marketing was so attractive to me. I also like variety. So I don’t want to be with just one company I want to do several things.

The current MlM and I will explain that term  in a bit( another posting), but the current one I am in, is in my view a very good one for me.  It hits all my wants to do. To travel, to make money, and to help others change their life and to help them and self with personal development.    I also went to school to be a photographer.  (Fine art photography) so to travel and see the world it give me the opportunity to  add that into the big picture. So as I said it hits all my buttons.

The guidelines they have set up. and I do understand the why. but I do find it a little restrictive when it comes to advertising  online. However I will not rock the boat or I will try very hard not too any way.

Sure I will also work on my other products and project that are less restricted.  I was in  online classes for over a year learning marketing for products like affiliate marketing, and branding and where and how to post ads and use social media to brand self. but then I had to turn my focus back to the network-marketing so that I could tell you first hand how and what it is like and the mind-set as you do what you learn.

I do understand and acknowledge that you are(I am) only one person and I have taken a big challenge out for self.  I did not want to just report on what I have read from others and all the information from others I wanted first hand knowledge.  As you can tell from this blog I have not been writing much I have been doing a lot. Plus the fact that at work I was given a chance to do some over time 14 straight days ouch!! I am worn out.  But to get more bills paid and send my daughter on one of the trips (she is also doing the business) so she could tell me what and how it was.  She said she had a blast and the accommodations  were top-notch.4 and 5 star at 2 and 3 star prices.  So for 5 days and 4 nights with every thing included(food ,drinks,events) and for $700.00 dollars it was a great and a wonderful trip as she states. Now grant you this, the airfare was not include to Cancun Mexico but that cost me around $500.00 So the total trip cost not more than $1500.00 for one person.

What is it with me and these long post oh my gosh!!!. I guess I have so much to tell you and since I have been away for a while I want to get it out all in one big burst!

So here are my final words for this post.  By the way I am not telling you the name of the network marketing company for good reason. This blog is not about it but my experience and my thoughts about them in general( I also look at other companies as well however). and I am not trying to really sell you on the one I am in. With network marketing companies you can do well with any one of them just as long as you see that you are starting a business  and work it like one and work long hours and put your all into it while working your day job.So that in a few years you can see what all your hard work has done.

Don’t just go for the money that you can make go for the passion behind the product. love the produce and truly believe that it is the best one out there. How can you really grow any thing you don’t believe in and do not trust.  You your self have to trust ,love and like what you do. You also learn so much by working with other people and you are putting your self in with others who have the same goals and dreams as you do. this is really an investment into your education and understanding in a very hands on way!

the cost is not really that much compared to a college education or an online class.

The object is to be successful with in your self and with your business. It takes the average business a little over two years to be well established and over six to really benefit.  if you push you can do it in less time. However life is more than just work. (Oh my bad me!) You have to give it and your self time to learn and grow and to help your team and your customers do the same. You are not recreating a wheel you are adding the salt to the fries when the bell goes off. Duplication is your key to building your business, and being teachable and coachable. Learning by doing and showing others to do the same. Mistakes yes they will come and go and you learn do it now and do it fast! and get out of that part of the zone. LOL.

You are the student and the teacher  and that is always  the goal in your growth in life long pursuits.

If you chose the network-marketing business model(direct sells) as the work from home business, this is your first step into the world of being a business person and an entrepreneur, and not the employee.  This change  alone changes your way of thought and what you do and how you do it. Personal growth is  a big, big factor.

Network marketing is big business. There are over 2,000 companies in the US. Sales of more than $28 billion a year and there are approximately 13 million americans in the industry.   Last but not lest. The history of the industry  as more and more people loses jobs and the low-cost to start, more and more people are turning to this  and so there will be an explosion with in the industry. The four stages of growth I will cover this in another post as well but momentum is a key point.

One note  of caution, this field is not for everyone. But if you look at it as a path to growth and never ever put all your eggs in only one basket and build other things for your future,for your true purpose to working online is to have many streams of income like your bills (they come in every month and every week). You develop your self and your insight into other things as well talking with others and growing relationship you see what else you can do or what is out there. smile. oh boy a long post. Sorry! but more to come in another post!! smile

Knowledge is power, the more you  learn the more you grow. but you must have fun doing it or what is life? People are your source of life, spiritually, mentally, lovingly.

cheer up I am done for tonight!


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Network marketing

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Susan a young picture!

Network marketing is the name of the game and I plan on winning and so can you. Sorry I have not been around here. I have been  doing so many things. Things are happening that I just have not had the time to come to the blog. But let me give you a brief over view of what I have been doing.( me do a brief overview? oh well.) I have been network marketing the old fashion way. This means I have not been near the pc for days.( only to get numbers)  I have been contacting people and going to meet and greets to connect with others and doing research about getting connected with others who share and who want to connect with others as I am doing. The internet is a great way to connect but you can’t just use that way to connect with others and build a relationship with them. Face to face must be done as well. and I gave my lap top to my son to use in Alaska to keep in touch. what I would give to have an IPad. I am going to save my money and get one next year. ( I have ads, and affiliate marketing and websites to pay for and build, ect) So it can’t be now. IPad they are great on the go and since I connected with the tweet thing. it would be helpful there too.

But let me say this first, I say and feel I am an introvert personality. I like doing a being alone, working on my projects, gardening, panting, reading, writing, pondering a situation. However I do like people and I like sharing and helping others see another way of doing things. Being an introvert kind of person it is hard or a little scary to connect with others in person. But I know I have to get out and share what I know and do what I like to do. Then you(I) have to get out of your(my) comfort zone and do something different.

I also just finished reading a new book called Quiet by Susan Cain. She gives and examines the psyche of both the introvert and the extroverts and shows examples of such people in history and how they fit in a society that sometimes overlooks the introvert and empowers the extrovert in our world. I like the book and I do see myself with in the pages and it did and does help me understand a few things and how to over come many situations. Check out the book it is a good read for the extrovert too.

Any way, back to the networking and getting out of my comfort zone. The thing about getting out and connecting with others tents to be fun and a challenge for my self.  I am learning so many things about my self and others. I love to learn and I love life and I do like to meet others and hear their story, and to share things that I know. Remember you always are the teacher and the student. I will never call my self an expert about any thing even if I know it very well. For there is always someone who knows a little more than you.  Then the case is to, (with me) that I always want to be a humble person and not pretentious. Not overly proud, sure I am proud of self but I am not the kind of person that calms to know every thing and not listen to what others have to say and I do want to value the things I learn from others. it is so important. I am not only about self but others as well.

To learn and grow is my life.  To share it with others in my heart and in my spirit says it is the right thing to do. So I have been re-connecting with old friends from high school.( the picture above is me at high school age or close) They are great and they are doing so many interesting things. One girl I meet up with is making t-shirt and hats designs with bling and another is making jewelry and they are so wonderful.  Great people and they are self employed a subject near and dear to my heart and the subject matter of this blog. The thing I like about networking or network marketing is how you meet others with the same or similar interest and growing your communication and presentation skills and working with others to make life better and to open the minds of others. To show how to do something a little different or to add this or that in the mix and what one can really do to start a business and finally to see how you can help them help themself.  It is so rewarding when you see that light bulb go off in someones eyes!! Giving them the motivation and the insight of goals setting planning and things to work on together.  It is a good thing! I do feel that helping others help themselves is also helping your self grow and learn and it rounds you out. Expands your thoughts. since I am also the frugal person I like things that are two-fold, or have dual functions. I sleep on a couch that converts to a bed. LOL or a table that is also a chair!

Learning how to sell your self or market your self is a learning curve that everyone needs in growing a successful business. in truth your life is selling your self, The interview, what you do how you do it and your goals and dreams and your education is your resume, in a verbal context. Well I see I did not do quick and short oh well, so  I am off running. I have to do more of this networking and  the bed is calling my name!! LOL. Just wanted to check in and let you know I thinking of you and this blog that I love so much. it too is networking and building connections and learning a craft. but at times you have to go where the people are to get things done and to build. So I would say get out in the street and share your self with others. and let them know what you do and how you go about it. and share a link and your presence online to connect in more ways than one. I always say that a person is not just one-sided, they have many sides. and it is a great way to show others who you are to build trust. yes the old fashion way mixed with the new or the right now way of doing a days worth of living. making worth more than just words but a life of giving self to others.

oh yes!!

I have been working in my yard too. I will show pictures of it soon too. Gardening is something I love to do. The part that I really like is planting  and seeing it grow but now that I have also mastered the lawn mower I will add that in too. but truthfully I like planting more. it fits my creative side more.

So now I see why the lawn guy  before wanted me to get the dog poo up first!! oh my goodness she has done it all over the yard!!

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Hay there,  Well I am back, and in another post I will tell you  about the adventures of Alaska with my son. What a mess!! But for now I better get down to the education thing that I do.  So on with the show!! smile

I just love inforgraphic and though out this blog I will introduce them to you, and for your pleasure…. This is the first one.  It is all about page ranking and how it works. A pictures says a thousand words .Look at it and learn.  If you have questions.Please comment.  The idea or concept behind this inforgraphic is all about and understand of page raking and google. more about page raking coming soon in terms. Smile.

Please note  sometimes  inforgraphic can be and are out dated. So they give you a running knowledge of the subject matter. But new ones are created everyday, and I think they are a fun way to get the point across or to understand a concept . this one is a big one so check the image in its larger form to see it clearly!

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Publishing whats now or new!

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I wrote this comment to a blog. and I think it got cut! why?  I am new to blogging but not at learning and find useful information. and if I am interested on a subject then I turn the learning curve up.  Since writing is a passion too. hum? guess what I go learn about it I explore.( I am into the fiction writing ) The comment was to only  help  give out information as to how to and where to find more information on the subject. From the response the other blog post received I see there is a big desire from  a lot of bloggers who really want to write.Thoughts

Yes I know that is a dream and sure just like them I too want to write, that is the whole purpose of doing a blog in a big way. To practice the machines of the art of the word. We also use it to get a response on if the content is something some one or any one would want to read, and enjoy. That is the fundamental reason why I think, and let me say that again I think that is why most blog are written.  I do understand too that others blogger want to share what is on their mind.

We are all individuals but we all want to be heard or to have some sort of meaning to what we think, what we eat, and what we digest.   Do we share the same mind-set as others in this big old world or are we missing something and it is a check and balance act we are doing to check ourselves for relevance. hum? well all I can say to all these thoughts is yes it could be.

There are so many wonderful minds and so many wonderful ways of doing a thing and to share it all with the many, it confirms that the many want and desire similar things. So any way I reprinted the comment on here and I will also share what post I was posting on so that you can have benefit of them both. The cool thing is that the writer’s digest is for writers. and it has in this current publication some of the very  topic of interest needed to write and how to turn a blog or any thing you have written into an e-book. Listed are some of the leading e-publishing services out there and a little information on them. It talks about multiple channel distribution, converting and formatting your work. Categories of e-publishing and standards of formats for e-books and all sorts of good news for you whos out there who are interested in learning what is what in the new age of  publishing to level out the play ground with the big publishing houses.  There are so many people turning to the internet to work play love,express, find seek and create.  The old ways of doing what is making way to the new technology that we too have to learn and constantly find and use.

The new ways and with the creation and the popularity of digital devices the new document sites/(PDF files)  this is/they the new play ground. Have fun. Live it, learn it grow it and  share it. That life folks. Smile oh yes that is another form of job/career in the making.

Here is the post I commented on and under that is the comment I added to that blog.

How to turn your blog into a book

by Scott Berkun

Great idea and wonderful timing. I subscribe to writer’s digest and they have two articles in the May/June issue regarding the new era of publishing. and the basics of DIY e-book publishing. it works well as a companion read for all these interested. And congratulations on the new book. Food for thought. Thanks.Smile

Oh one final thing. If you read any of my blog you will see that I mention many place to go and people to  check out and  understand that in no way am I trying to capitalize on someone else stuff. I like doing my own thing from the photos on the site to giving out information that I find while I explore all the things I am interested in.  You know what I am finding out, that  others  are interested in some of the same things too. so I share. and am happy to do so. Have at  it.  Peace not war is the way!

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Another thing about Motivation.

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Motivation is any thing that get your juices pumped up today that gets you to move to jump to do something today right now. It can be and should be a different set of things another day or the list can be added on each and every day. Or two years from now you have a complete new way of seeing what you were so sure of before and not being the path today.  That is fine and dandy! Just do what you need to do now to get up and do it all over again or go down a new path. As I said MOtivation is any thing, person, or desire,feeling that gets your juices pumped ready to take action.

Whether it changes from day-to-day,week from week or person to a thing. Motivation gets you moving. who knows it could be just a kiss in that early morning that brightens you eyes, your mind. That touch that says come here baby. I love you! and I am doing this for you!  Coffee please!! thanks Good morning world!! let it all start now!  it can be the how the what the who or it can be just plain you that wants what you want and something makes it click.

who am I to expect any one or every one or some of the many who to agree with me any or some or none of the time. that is not the quest.

why does any one have to agree to make a point valued or valid.

The point is to get started feeding the frogs so that you can have bigger frog legs this summer.

Gee. I don’t know! but they do so I will leave it up to them. For they are all ways right!  Right!! Oh boy.

Love your life and live it loving it.

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Suggested reading and podcast and websites

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Crush it Why now is the time to cash in on your passion by Gary Vaynerchuk

The Thank you economy by Gary Vaynerchuk

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Never get a Real Job How to dump your Boss, build a business and not go broke by Scott Gerber

The strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale and Creative thinking  by Earl Nightingale

The 4- Hour workweek by Timothy Ferriss

The books listed above are but a few, but they gave me the start, the push the fire to want to do more, to reach my goals and dreams of being  self-employed and to start this blog and do something different. I take a little from this one and a little from that  other one and craft my own sensibility. I am the sum of the parts. to create my own path and my own destiny. I am not perfect nor do I try. but I like to share and to give a little back and to help when I can. since I am cash poor I give what I learn. Also here are a few pod cast and a website I like and use to grow and learn. they have some great advice and idea, and instruction  and I live by them to again learn and grow. the podcast are: Foolish Adventure with Tim Conley and Izzy Hyman. The Digital Marketer quick and dirty tips and the Money girl by Lori Adams,  Free Agent underground by Kevin Miller and a website that I learn by also. NetDivvy created by Vince Reed.and check out the blog of Seth Godin. note all the listing podcast websites, books are the ones I use as learning tools. it is up to you whether you find them useful or meaningful. They are only suggestions and no guarantee are implied or given. smile but check them out and enjoy exploring.

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