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Why is it so Hard.

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Hello, how are you all and glad to see you.!!
The point to this little short is this. Why is it so hard to sit down and write on this blog. It is a thing that I want to do! I like doing it!! it is just that one thing or another seems to stop me in my tracks. Getting sick, family needs calling you, the mac acting strange!! for two whole weeks!!
Like this whole week I have been having the problem of not being able to write any thing. What is it ? The browser, I am no techie! I don’t know any techies!! Did I down load something that I should not have?? Is there a virus killing me slowly from within crawling around in there! In all my stuff?? oh jess I hope not!!
When I type I have to wait five minutes not seconds for that one little itty bitty letter to pop up! This is so maddening I want to scram and throw the mac down on the floor!! What the heck is going on???. is it bad karma or what?? I can’t write on the mini or the ipod or at work!!

Slow down deep breaths girl! stop and read a book!! go to faraway land.

Ok, I did not throw the mac on the floor I did not scram bloody murder!!. I stayed up all night trying to work on this and that and emptying the trash. Uninstalling everything!! Now the key is being patient and working on what you can, and then bing go!!! I change the dang browser to another one and puff. Bust my sides!! I can write!! It still is slow but it is so much better. I am happier with this speed of writing. but it still needs something. however I can now explore what more I need to do.

So you never give up. I don’t want to ever feel that I have to give something up. I will not. I will just work on it and do what I must till I can also get a back up external drive. LOL I have to many pictures and files and to many apps running at the same time. I tried to refresh Safari but i could not find the refresh or reset. So I had to change the browser to chrome. and that did the job!! I learned a lot in the process of why is it so Hard. I learned that sometimes it is only worth it if it is hard. And you learn so much by doing and going thou the madness!!, and controlling self. if I had broken the mac when it was only the browser? oh boy I would have been really sick and a sad puppy!
For the future
I do understand that when I go to a .org and the website I have to do backups. oh my! So I am glad these little hick ups teach me what I need. and what I should do. and why I should always be patient, and keep working on what seems to be a problem. it hard but the knowledge of the problem and with in self is really worth it in the end. I kept my screaming to my self. why bother the family. But I just told you so I did get it out that way as well.
A quote for you. Movement with out direction will create a hole in the ground

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The devil’s helper

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My name is procrastination how do you do!

My name is procrastination how do you do!

Good morning world!! I love saying that! That has always been my greatest wish is to say something nice to each and everyone and to welcome you all again to Converscity. Wow! In most ways the world is good, and I like thinking of it that way. Life can be good and great for us, if we only keep things very positive in our minds. OK all right let me stop procrastinating and I need to jump right in. Smile.

I read a story just the other day about a man that was a helper of the devil, his was named procrastination. The devil was looking for a plan and someone to carry out that plan to destroy people and their hopes and dreams, so he interviews a few of his helpers Lust, Anger,Greed and a few others, but he did not like their plans until he came to Procrastination. His plan/job was to come to earth and tell the people that they are good and they have a purpose, and that the plans they are making to build or start things would only work if all things were perfect and the timing was right.
Procrastination would say that if you do this now with out being totally in order it will not be good enough.He created all kinds of images and thoughts in their minds of what would or could happen if they did not wait and put all their ducks in good order. All conditions are not right at this time to start any thing. So the people put off doing the things and as time when on there was never a time that any thing got done.

That little story hit home on a lot of levels for me, I let procrastination’s thinking hinder things in my life sometimes. I put off doing something because I don’t think it is the right time to do this or that. I let little things get in the way. There are times I say I have to build a network of people first before I can add things.

I can see that sometimes in others as well. They say soon as I get enough money I will go on that trip or they say the market is not right to build or there are so many other people doing the same thing as I want to do and about the same subject. I also hear others say that they are about to do something and they let other things come in the way of what they were about to do. Or they will wait until they are less tired or get a better job. If we do not do it, it will never get done! All the pieces may never come together for the right time.

The time is now to start to do any thing you want to do. It may not be perfect and yes you may have to go back and redo something but you did it and by doing it you learned what other steps and other changes have to be made.
Have you ever put off doing something and found that it is really hard to get back to doing it, even if the thing is so easy to do?

Procrastination he/it is a dangerous thing, he will never let you do anything if it is put of until another days comes. You have taken a hundred steps around that easy thing when it only took one step to get it done. You can have the best of intentions but if you don’t just get in there and do it. You will be running around in circle until it is done. and then it may never get done. and fear sets in. Fear of the unknown fear of not being good enough, fear of not being perfect.
if you want to be successful then you have to do the things now, don’t wait. As they say time waits for no man, it will be gone just like that. The right time is now.

Oh but let me also say this. You can make plans and follow though with them step by step. I don’t want any one thinking that they should just run and jump without any plan or design, or any thought put into it. Take my self as an example I jumped right into, writing this blog, I had a thought and a purpose, but how to do it and what it takes to keep it moving and then all the other parts and learning curves there are. I just had to put my two feet in it and go for it. I know it is not perfect. and I know there are so many things I need to still do to this site. but I know these are in the works, and I am taking steps to get it in order. You should too! You can’t get ready to live you have to live! Get it done! Now please!! Smile

I have not written any thing in a while. I had other things that I had to take control of first in my life and these things I deemed more important to me. So I took time for them. and now I can come back and play with this part of my life more. A sense of well-being is also key. If things are falling apart around you. you do have to stop and take care of them first..
I do love writing in this blog telling and sorting my thoughts out loud. and everyday that I was a way I missed doing so. this little story was my way back into what I like doing. Sure time away can hurt you but. I am not perfect and I do fight with procrastination, and fear is a friend of mine as well. However, I am also brave. Smile

As always a quote to close this post that I think fits in someway.
“Feed the soil first. If you do not, even the sun and water of the most vibrant spring will bring forth only a poor seedling”.

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Wow! Oh Wow!

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Oh wow how long has it been since I have written a post? It has been too long. oh wow I am sorry about that but, in a way things were out of my control. In a way that is. When writing a blog about working online I do explore ways to work online, and some I get into and explore them in detail. It takes me away away some times down a rabbit hole.(Now how do you get out!) Others I do a surface scan. In this big old world there are so many ways one can go.So much of it is so detailed. Steps on steps to learn to do and to explain. Sometimes you get overwhelmed with it all. So you sort and you sift, though pages of notes and a brain freeze from time to time. As I am sure if you are one who is looking or exploring working online, you will understand this whole heartedly.

And then there are the plans of mice and men. Often stuff happens to spoil your plans or and your plans change and grow and expand and you get into something and you find it is just not for you. Now you have to take a few steps back.Wow! there you are, or should I say there I am. I guess that is the way of living life. No problem in a way. Due to the nature of my thoughts. I am positive and set back are just that a temporary set back. and then I am up and trying to figure out the next step to do. Life I love it.

I must confess that most of the stuff that has happens did help and where for an other persons benefit. I feel good that I could help them. So what is a mother to do. Yes come to the aid of your children. what is a daughter to do. Help my family sure.In my mind that is what I am here to do,to a point. while they craw I help them stand. So my plans are on the back burner for a while. No sweat. it makes me happy to see what I have done for them. And so I ask or I say rather that it was good. and I am happy with that. I am still working at a job that I don’t like but it is not the end to my world and my plans for self employment.It just turns out to be a longer stay at my current job. It is good pay and I have a retirement plan in place. I know it does not for fill all my needs and desires and my passions. That’s Life.

I have searched and have found that I just love taking pictures and digitally changing them in an app or two. It is the creative process that I like and the end result that fills me with joy as well. With most things I do I am creative. MY mom and my family just love the way I cook in the kitchen; I do create some good dishes, neighbor and friends like my garden my yard and what I have done with it. However I must say it is looking pretty bad now. I will call it the adventures of the lawn mower again.
I was in a rush and I put the gas in the wrong location again. oh Wow not again!! So now I have to find a services who will cut it for me with one of their big mowers! LOL enough said about that.(head down walking down the hall of shame). and I say again Wow! oh Wow! Smile, No fear it will get back in order, my nephew who was helping me with mowing the lawn broke his wrist and could not do it for a while,( he had to get a screw in the bone ouch!) so little old me said I will tackle this jungle. Well the grass was to high for my little bit of mower and the thing stop working! So I thought it was empty of gas. I had so much to do that day and I was just going to knock it out! Hum! Sure, right. So I did not read the signs on the mower due in part that my glasses kept falling off, and put the gas in the oil location. Does that not sound so familiar. Yes oh yes it does. oh boy.See lawn mower post! white smoke all over the place! Hot dang!

I like to write and I love doing this blog it is creative. Sure it has rules of how it should be done. I don’t like most rules but I see where at times it is necessary! I try to follow them but sometimes oops!. Well not today no pictures to draw you in. And it is on the longish side. You all know my battle of being somewhat long in wind and writing. Well I have not been here for a while so please bear with me. I guess the gurus will say you have just lost some of your readers since it is so long. You know their attention span is short, short short.And then there is the mobile pages to consider!! Am I perfect who is perfect, what is perfect? Not I for sure! Do I ever what to be perfect? In my dreams he is perfect! And where is he? oh get the picture, perfect is not a name or a person it is an idea. Is there the concept of perfect in its imperfection? Hum I guess I will think on that tangent/notion later.

So the long and short of this post is that the plans I made for turning this blog into a website is still a go, it is just going to take little old me longer to do so. The good news about that is I will start to write more stuff here on the regular, since I just love to do this, and I will continue to build on the art site that I have in partnership with fineartamerica. If you want you can go view some of the work I have there. Yes I have been busy!and I am not done! ( View art work not galleries and if you want to buy,then be my guest. Also I must say there are some pretty good artist there; so view their work as well at We tweet about each others work sometimes and share it with other tweeters and followers. Art can be an investment. But you all know this right? Smile.

You don’t know who is going to make it big in the art world so take advantage of them now when they are not. It like buying penny stocks. They can be in a growth” phase, and they have room to grow and improve. The value therefore can rise. You have a greater return on the potential at a lower cost. You can also buy more at this low-cost. Now if it does not do well you have not lost a great deal of money. But Art is more tangible than penny stocks to me. It looks nice on a wall and adds warmth to a room,a conversation piece and you can still sell it or give it as a gift. So buy art! smile.

Now for the big close!! Wow! I was so sad to hear of Maya Angelou’s death this week, I loved her mind and the way she lived, and the way she brought ideas and stories and her poems to life and made them run though your mind and into your heart; as she put it when talking about life and writing. That is what I love so much about the arts; any form of it. This is why I will play with them all. my photos, my writing and cooking and the art of loving my family myself and the world at large.

I think those folks who are a liver of life who have so many experiences and passions are living a life full and never on empty.
They love life with all its expressions and faces and skins, for we are truly only one in the sun and the scope of what life is truly! When I think of her she warms my heart for there was a lot of thrush and wisdom behind those eyes and in that soul. I am sad but not sad for she lived a rich life.
Maya Angelou is an example for us all.30 years my senior I only which I can be as warm and as rich as she was with in the arts and life itself.

We all have something to share with the world and she was great with the sharing of her life. and that is what I wish for.How do I turn the words on a page into light that fill a mind,a heart that brings forth a meaning a wish,a feeling and love. And to do that same thing with in an image. To look at a picture or art for a long time and see something in it every time,different, new, a favorite memory, to evoke passion.A changeable meaning or message to a different viewer each time.That is art.She had this kind of was a smart way to show her love and to tell that story that was within.

So you know I always leave with a Quote and this one is from Ms. Angelou in honor of her life and the women herself.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

and one more from her.

Life loves the liver of it.

Rest in peace Maya Angelou. Be well.

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Early in the morning

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Welcome back to converscity. Is it that early in the morning that I am sitting here writing this? Last week I was up early on a fluke going to bed early. And my body telling me to get up you have had enough sleep. So what is going on today is it the same thing. No today I am up because I wanted to start this new little venture on what mornings would mean to me, with the creative side of myself. Can I write something in the morning like I do at night. Then with all the talk of mornings being the best time to do, from mentors that I read from like Robin Sharma. They saying that it is the best time to get any thing done. So I said well since I am up I should look into this. What I have found is this. I like being up in the mornings and if you have thoughts you can write at any time of the day.

I find that I am not as worn out at this time of the day. Mind you I get up about two hours before I go to work and I contemplate and I figure out my days plan of actions. I also do what I call mediate which means I sit there and think of nothing and just feel my surroundings and bend and starch a little. to me it is the same feelings that I get when I am out working on my garden but doing something. I think of nothing but what I am doing and I bend and pull weeds and starch and dig that hole. I feel good doing it. It all relaxes me mentality and physically. Hum what a good feeling. Now with every thing there are limitations. I know that I can not do this every single day due to my work schedule. I don’t start work until 10:00am and I get off at 6:00 pm and then run to pick up my daughter at the studio and get home for dinner. Now that does not leave me with much time to compose self and get other things done. I write on the fly, which means that I have a thought and I just start writing.

I am not the kind of person that composes my writing in advance, maybe if I did that I could spend more time with composition and grammar,punctuation headings and to emphasize what i am saying better. However that is not my thing. maybe one day i will get someone to review the writing before I hit publicize this. Ha ha. Anyway the other thing I like about mornings is the rise of the sun.



It always makes me smile when it does wake me up. It seems that it is said to me that I am so glad that you are here for another wonderful day. Then a little snake pops up and says yes now you have to go to work in the dungeon and not see the light of the natural day for most of the day. Hug! But then the positive me says Hay! cheer up, you have a job that you need now to do all the things needed to help you get out of there one day! Soon I hope! Mornings I also like that it is quiet,it is peaceful. So I see why they advocate this time of the day.

But for now I will keep to my night crawling ways and write and do my research in the night and try to get myself in the bed before 1 Am. I think some of us are wired differently I remember in my college days that I got a lot of art work done in the late night hours. it was peaceful then too. but now with a house full of younger adults with their friends and the tv. It is not as productive for me. I believe that is why I thought of the early mornings being the change that I need.

Here are a few suggestions that if the morning hours are your cup of tea then to help start the day.

Go to bed every night by 10 p.m.
Get up every morning at 5 a.m.
Read a chapter from the Bible or spiritual book every day.
Write a page in a journal every day.
Read a chapter of a good book every day.
Go for a walk.
Have breakfast not in a rush.

I have also read that it is very important to get a good night sleep more than 5 hours of sleep is best. I know that if I sleep longer than 7 hours my body hurts so I must get up then. I do believe that once I stop working and working from home I will do a flex schedule and some morning drive to the lake and walk on the lakefront. I understand that everyone is different and there is in my humble opinion the best time is when you deem it right for you.

time best for you.

what time is best for you?

Now before I go this bright and sunny morning a Quote

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow” Mark Twin

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Can I have two more hands and another me please!

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Hi and I have to say wow this weekend went by in a flash, and it seems most of the work I have I have done is cook this and cook that. being a mom and a daughter to my 80 year young mother, and I being the only family member that can cook I did it all once again, now don’t get me wrong I love to cook. I love seeing everyone enjoy the food that I do cook, but at times it would be nice if I had more of me so that the other things I want to do ( like this blog) I can do. I as a lot of women have in me the need to see others happy!



So my mom wanted to invite an old friend over and her daughter came with her it was very nice meeting and seeing my mom friend. I also found out that her daughter is a follow blogger, she has a blog on blog spot. I would like to connect with her and tell you a little about her blog in the future as it is I like to ask first before mentioning her blog here. My daughter and my nephew had friends over too. It is great being social it was fun. I remember doing the cooking with the older women of the house but now they are all gone and I am left showing the things that I learned from them.

I love it and I am proud to be able to past that on to my children. This being memorial weekend the true sense of remembering my loved ones came in very strong this weekend. I am so thankful. My sister and my dad and my grandmother and a host of uncles and aunts are remembered this day! and I am so grateful for their memory I have and share and cherish for ever. in the food, and social times and yes the plants in my yard are a memorial for them as well.

It is also spring time and it is the time of year for growth, and to share. I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your family and friends. I do wish my son was here for he too likes to cook. he is the chef after all. he is currently in sun valley id. and he is working at the valley club there. he works there for lunch and dinner if you go there tell him his mother sends her love. smile. he is finally getting the fine dinning experience that he wanted. and learning to live on his own. how great is that. Smile

this has been a very busy time for me since it is spring and I love to garden I had a whole host of new plants to plant and to change and to rearrange. my back yard is taking shape and the front yard I am working on changing it. I am trying to cut out all the mowing in the front and the back yard. so I am experimenting with ground cover. That is one project that must be done in the spring to get them established before summer kicks in.After that I will just have to maintain them and see how they fare. then I can devote more of my time to my projects online. So I did have to take a break from the work online to that of being outside. I also took a trip to see my son, since he had a week or two open before the summer season opened up for him to start work. then I came back home and Wow I had a car accident. no one was hurt but it put another dent in my funds. This is something else to be thankful for.

I also had another hearing to go to. and that seems to keep you busy mentality and physically as well. When things are not settled with in your little world and you have to deal with work related problems it feels like you can’t get all the parts or all things in a final disposition. Your mental peace of mind has a lot to do with creation and fulfillment of all parts of self. Since I am in the union I can’t move on any thing with the lawyers until they have finished with their process. It has taken for ever it seems. Remember I was laid off back in december of 2012 and it is now May 2013. Well now it would seem that one could have a biter taste within my being but that is just not me. I always for some reason see things in a positive light. yes I was laid off but then I also came down with the flu. If I had been at work I would have lost a lot of time being off. Sure financially it hit me hard.

However, I also have the good habit of saving and paying in advance with most of my bills and yes some other bills were put on the back burner. What could one do? put all things and plans on hold!! ( the websites)

Money does not make me happy or sad. it is just a form of exchange that I use. My happiness or contentment comes from within. The things that I experiences and learn and share and create and things that I am grateful for ( family,health, thoughts goals friends, beginnings. I also understand that I am not perfect. The world is not perfect. I will never be perfect that is not my goal in life.

The things that rock my world are simple things. I like being creative and motivational and to work toward my goals and to learn, and yes to be loved and to give love. Like most other people in the world the feeling of being loved is important. I don’t want to hurt anyone and I don’t want to be rich. I don’t need millions to be happy. I feel better when I can govern my little world. The parts that I can work my way. but I am good with the understanding that every little thing in my world will not go my way most of the time. I really expect it not too. but that too is the challenge. So I say to self now how do I work this little situation out.
I guess in a way I like solving problems too.
So what are the key points here?
1. I need more hands and another me, Smile.
2. A Great Memorial day a time to remember and give thanks.
3. Spring a time to learn and grow.
4. making others happy does make you happy as well.
5. More hands and two me to accomplish more!
6. A positive mental state of mind helps you see a path.
7. Money is not happiness. it is within.
8. I am not perfect but that is A-OK!
9. The world is not perfect, why expect it to be?
10. if you don’t see a clear path it will make you stumble, and put all things on hold.
11. I need a clone!
12. A positive mental perspective is key.

well folks that is all she wrote today. but as with most post from me I have to leave you with a Quote!

When you are angry, count to ten;the bad feelings will diminish. When you are happy, count until your tire; the pleasure will be prolonged.

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Getting to know my camera phone

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Well what a great day this day is,(vacation day) and welcome to all who comes to this blog. While I play the waiting game when getting all my duck in a row for the new project. I am exploring my new phone camera. I also getting the feel of what it can do and can not do. I was told when I asked the question what is a good camera to a group of photo folks. They told me the best camera is the one you have with you all the time. Now that to me was a very oh yeah moment. It all came clear to me, my phone my phone!! Due to where I work I can not have my cam with me and I don’t want to leave it in the car. Wow but I can take my phone most places with me. I am happy with that thought. And the frugal me agreed. Now with this new group of photos I will share here today, I did not alter or do any creative things with them.Except two however, it was to just enhance the color of both. They are straight from my camera phone. Now let me tell you about one of them the ghostly image it is a copy of a photo I did a few years back when I did a whole grouping of ghostly stuff using a model and lighting. this picture is on my wall and I wanted to see just how clear it would retake pictures. Most of the pictures are of the things on my wall in my bedroom.

I like to decorate with the things I create. Yes you can sit in my room and get lost looking at the walls with things on them and the wall itself. I am told that it is a peaceful room. The atmosphere is claiming. I also make earrings but these are for me. Now the jewelry making is a hobby. I don’t want to turn that into a thing to do for work, it just a winter hobby. Some things for your self should only be a hobby and not something to turn into a career. but you are the only one who knows what you want to do. but if exploring things to do, that could be one of them however for me it is not. I like the idea of the photos however,and I can see where I can combine it with the other work I want to do.You know the travel and the blogging. this world of ours loves to look at things and the images are the thing with all media. Just look at pinterest,gentalnmint,reblemouse and other sites like those sites. pictures!

I also started to follow a few new blogs that are related to photo who have wonderful work on their blogs. who knows what that will lead to for me. I love taking pictures. However I have been away from that for a long time. raising my children and working and being a wife and just all the things I have to do. I got away from it. The creative side of taking photos. I use to do a lot before the marriage and the kids. So now that I am single, my children are grown, and I am looking for a new career.Its time for this one to fly. smile so here are the new photos for this day.


Nana’s hat

20130313_225722 photo-3



20130313_225436 20130313_225640

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An Eye for the photo

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Hi everyone, and welcome back!! As you know I am also trying for the short post, and I hope this one will be one of them. But and there always is a but in life and with my intentions!! Smile. You know I explore the web and all its glory that is part of my learning and doing for this blog and my other projects. Now with this new phone I have I have been playing around and learning it. Within this blog I will show you just a few things I have done with it. It is mostly with the photo part of the process,that is one of the biggest and main reason for the phone. I don’t talk much on a phone I guess I am one of the few women in the world that does not chat a lot on the phone. I use it mostly for contacting my family and for safety on the road going here and there. However with an earlier post I stated that I also wanted to create most of the images I use on my blog and a way to get back into what I like to do. It is also what I went to school to do. Photograph and fine art. Any who, I think I have an eye for it. and I will let you be the judge of that. Yes, yes I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder .So with that statement I will share a few of them with you that I like. I have loaded a bunch on google+ and I have a bunch more that I need to learn how to upload or change from negative to this format I used an old cannon camera for some, but how to change and load these?to the internet??

I also have a few of the one I have altered on a site called PicsArt. These were altered on my phone. I will also and have started to make some that would be content specific, Which means I have to create some that would match what I am writing about. Which is also a challenge. Due to not knowing what topics I will chat about with you. However the idea is one that I will explore.

With photos my interest are a few, I like,love art so some will be just in that vein. I also like architecture and street art and nature and yes flowers for my love of growing things in my garden. So I think I will have a nice mix of things to share with you and to use in the postings. Today however, I will show you a few things I have done last week. When the weather gets better in my area I will be out and about with my phone and creating capturing images.
Have you ever heard of a stock photography. Will that you can also do as work online.

One final note before I share the photos, the next project I will do is turning a WordPress blog into a website and having ads on it. I think that would be fun to do, and something that I want to try. So with that idea in mind I have to get some ducks in order, so the storage or back up systems are first and now in place. I need more hard drive space as well and that is coming soon. I play with little money. So that is something I deal with in the area of being patient! smile. The cloud storage I got a nice deal with and that is paid up for a year. now, ok so on with the show. oh yes a quote! I have not done one of these in a while. this quote shows my frame of mind and my desires. Have a good day everyone. and coming soon more about the website/blog as a way to make a living online.

Putting your possessions in order makes for a neat home; putting your thoughts in order is preparation for tranquillity!









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The thought of failing

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Welcome all to Converscity. Today I want to talk about the thought of failing. I would say that is the number one reason most people do not take the steps to start something. You are your own worst enemy. You start thinking of all the reason why not to do something. I know you have heard this before however it is an important discussion.
Have you ever saw the show fear factor or the new show called black out? The people on that show are blindfolded and put into a dark room and told to do or to tell what something is just by touching it. Well the reaction of the people are my focal point here. They can not see and you do see some of them screaming or jumping around fearing what it is. They jump to all kinds of conclusions as to what the thing is. It is so funny!!! You see the thing that they are jumping around about and you know it is nothing to fear. However some of the people almost hurt themselves with the thought of what it could be.

Their mind takes over and create the thing that they fear and what ever they touch is that thing that they fear. From that show I really learned and it hit home to me that we create that fear, by thinking of what it could be all based on what we thought. This hold true with a lot of situation and other area of our life.

I remember a time when my dad had a heart attack, I knew he was not going to make it. I invented the doctor telling me all kinds of things, I was a mess, I could not breathe, I could not eat or sleep. I did not want to even go to the hospital in fear of what the doctors were going to tell us.So when I got there I was in tears, and I could not listen to what he was saying, then the doctor told us he was going to be ok and that they did not know he wore dentures. What? what about the dentures? My own fears controlled and overwhelm me. I let them run away with my mind and my emotions. This situation told me about myself and how I let fear of the unknown control my actions and feelings.

The other way we let our fear stop or stall us is when we are going to start something new. A job or a new town or a new project we fear failing. Then we start with all the things in our mind what could happen and how others are going to look at us. We start to procrastinate, or underestimate ourselves.We don’t know enough, we are not good enough,We will be laughed at.So we come to not making or doing what we say we want to do.
The thought of failing leads us to indecision, or saying the time is not right,or we need more money. we come up with every excuse why not to do it and we end up not taking a step at all. Today we hear from all the experts, marketing companies that you need to take action now, If you want something jump on it, don’t wait! To think long is thinking wrong. Why do they say this ,it is because they know that if you think about it to long your mind will come up with all the reason why not to do something or to wait.

Most people fail at something. it is a part of life and the learning curb. When we were children and learning how to walk. How many times did you or the baby try to walk to only fall again and again.

The big question I have is how much do you want to do what you what to do. The desire must be stronger that your thought of failing. You must put aside any thought of failing and replace it with thinking more positive. If you need help with that at first get with and have on hand all things that will motivate you to think positive. I have found that if you write out a plan and make little steps toward your goal you will feel better prepared.

The act of doing all those little things will keep all those thoughts way from your mind. Have you ever notice that when you are busy doing something you have your mind on the task at hand that you don’t think of the negative, you just think on what you are doing at that moment. So with taking little step you can get closer to your desires. Also analyze all the possible outcomes and explore them. Getting rid of the fear of the unknown well make you more aware of all the potential outcomes that can happen. This to can be a rewarding education. We can not stay in our little boxes all our lives and not do nothing due to the thought of failing. Go to seminars or get books on the subject and put your self in the learning action.

When you know more about the subject this is a positive move that will greatly build your self-confidence and your self sabotaging ways of thinking the bad or destructive thoughts of failure. Some times what I do is look at it as a child would do, with the mindset of wonder, every thing is new and is there to explore, it is a puzzle that you must solve, or it is a big experiment. I also have someone who is very positive and who will hold me accountable.

To get over your failing fears and have courage to get pass it will show you a whole new and wonderful self. It leads to a fuller and more rewarding life,for once you get on with your goals and you find out that failing is just a learning tool and exposure to the larger world you will begin to take on more and more challenges knowing that the thought of failing is just a thought and not real and it does not have to be disastrous. Here is a quote for todays thoughts. Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. Winston Churchill
The above picture was my daughter she and I got over our fear of that great big spider this weekend at the flower show. oh my that was a challenge!!!! smile.

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Happy New year everyone

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Happy New year every one!


charlie tree2




So we are all here and some thought we would not.  I am glad that we are!

Well now is the time to reflect on the past year. all our hopes and our dreams did they come true? Well I hope this year will be even better for you and for me.  We start with more dreams and goals for this wonderful year! Last year was hard on some. I know I could feel it with everyone. I do hope that all will have peace with in their hearts and minds! We do have to understand that bad things happen. This is all part of what we call life. For me  and some of you, we come to across road and you have to sit back and think of all the plans and the things that we have done and will continue to do.  To me it all still looks bright and the feeling I  had when I started this blog are still forever most in my mind and in my heart and so I push on, I learned a lot this year what about you did you also learn a lot. Yes.

With our failures as well as the successes oh yes, and it is still so exciting to me. I got laid of from my job ( I think it was a blessing in disguise)  For I came down with the flu  for three whole weeks!  I took that nasty flu shot the doctor said I needed. If I had gone to work I would have been off losing all my sick time. Well, I will  be returning on the 7th of the new year! Did I put on pounds well maybe! was all of that my fault well some would say it is what it is. I will also add that nothing is just that but I will own it and life up to that so-called it is what it is.  It is not so bad. Except for that flu  oh man I felt bad. and I had plans to work on this and work on some other project. but they did not work out due to being sick so long. Life is what you make it.  Some good and some not so good. From my own experiences you get up and do some more and hope for the best always. There is never a time where you stop. Oh sure you may take a few steps back!  or side step a few things.I have so much gratitude for the things that I have learned on my journey  and the people in my life that I can truly say that I am grateful. Sure there is a little frustration and yes I was a little up set.

I believe in myself and  I  that belief is always there and  my dreams keep my goals alive. You still have to have purpose and drive to keep on doing what you must and take small actions until you advance for the good to come. You do the same you hear! You are what you believe. So my goal to work online is still fresh and new. I will be back to tell you  more about some of my adventures online. I have no space in my mind to think of what I don’t want and I fill it with what I want and focus on that. do you know what an autoreponder is. well I will talk about that next time. but the final thing I want to live you with or to start you off in this New year is this

When your feet tire, permit the dance to continue in your mind. You will find the music is no less vivid. P.S. here is my Charlie Brown tree, no money to buy a fresh tree so I made one with scape from my tree that a storm took down.

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Merry christmas to all and seasons greeting to everyone!!

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Merry christmas to all and seasons greeting to everyone!!.

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