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my little studio, first class there

It’s a new year and i have not stopped to hear anything but what the heck I have been doing I would love to have the free time to just sit back and see what everyone else is doing. in 2016 I retired from my job! to start a new job in the arts.
Oh and here comes an ad for investing I love doing that too and I highly recommend this one. it is a no brainer kind of thing. just sign up and it takes a few bucks from your account every month and then you sign up and it takes all your spare change. it is called acorn and here is the link… https://www.acorns.com/invite/NJH3F8 I get paid 5 bucks for everyone who joins and you do the same and invite others.
So you save a few and make a few. and then you can go and learn about how to buy and sell stocks and the likes. it cool. like I said it a no brainer or passive income savings or better .
I have been buying stock and mutual funds and index for years. and since now I am not making the kind of money I was this still keeps me in the game til I can do better again.

Since all my bucks now are going into growing a paint and sip business and a little photography on the side. I got a little studio that I am kinda sort of proud of. cause I did it myself. and I am trying to grow it myself. Turning something that was a hobby into something I do for a living. it seemed like it would be fun. And yes in a way it is fun and exciting. but you know the big thing I found out is location, location! Location is a big! Big factor.

I got my place for cheap not thing that having a place for cars to park was a big deal. or foot traffic. boy was I wrong. but its fun to learn. Mistake we make that is a challenge too.

So I am on the hunt to find a new location that will not cost me an arm and a leg. but I think if the parking is good and the foot traffic is there I could very well make this work. My dream is to have a paint party or class 3 or more times a week. I love painting I still have not tried of it and to do it with others its just what I like to do.
Let me let you in on a little secret. You know the real reason I started this is because I wanted a little place that I could paint anything and have the space to do it.

I don’t have the space in my home,but how was I little old me going to pay for that space. and some one said do paint and sips. Hum I had never been to one so I did not really know the concept,and so far to this date I have only been to two.

just me! yes I cut all my hair off and here it is growing back. with my art in the back ground

The second one last week in the ATL visiting my daughter and son. She has a brain tumor and I had to go to the doctors with her to see what is what about that. That is a big what is new too this year. (Can I have it instead of her she is just turning 30 in a few weeks!!) BUT. Life has these surprises for you all the time. (I think about the movie The shack all the time now and it helps, a little.) I will tell you about that in another little up date later. When I feel like going into more detail about that. But the studio is and was just a little space for me to escape to paint and have a little a lone time just for me. and now it is that and so much more. I like what I hope it grows to be. Smile! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by to read a little of what is new! A little Quote for you…. Happiness is what you make of it in life,be so very thankful, of each and every happy little breath of time. by smct.

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Custom Apparel Platform Teespring Acquires London-Based Fabrily To Expand Internationally

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This is for my nephew Alex Love, he needs to see this and this is a way that I can test this re-blogging thing out. I am always testing even if I don’t post a blog about it so bear with me.

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Why is it so Hard.

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Hello, how are you all and glad to see you.!!
The point to this little short is this. Why is it so hard to sit down and write on this blog. It is a thing that I want to do! I like doing it!! it is just that one thing or another seems to stop me in my tracks. Getting sick, family needs calling you, the mac acting strange!! for two whole weeks!!
Like this whole week I have been having the problem of not being able to write any thing. What is it ? The browser, I am no techie! I don’t know any techies!! Did I down load something that I should not have?? Is there a virus killing me slowly from within crawling around in there! In all my stuff?? oh jess I hope not!!
When I type I have to wait five minutes not seconds for that one little itty bitty letter to pop up! This is so maddening I want to scram and throw the mac down on the floor!! What the heck is going on???. is it bad karma or what?? I can’t write on the mini or the ipod or at work!!

Slow down deep breaths girl! stop and read a book!! go to faraway land.

Ok, I did not throw the mac on the floor I did not scram bloody murder!!. I stayed up all night trying to work on this and that and emptying the trash. Uninstalling everything!! Now the key is being patient and working on what you can, and then bing go!!! I change the dang browser to another one and puff. Bust my sides!! I can write!! It still is slow but it is so much better. I am happier with this speed of writing. but it still needs something. however I can now explore what more I need to do.

So you never give up. I don’t want to ever feel that I have to give something up. I will not. I will just work on it and do what I must till I can also get a back up external drive. LOL I have to many pictures and files and to many apps running at the same time. I tried to refresh Safari but i could not find the refresh or reset. So I had to change the browser to chrome. and that did the job!! I learned a lot in the process of why is it so Hard. I learned that sometimes it is only worth it if it is hard. And you learn so much by doing and going thou the madness!!, and controlling self. if I had broken the mac when it was only the browser? oh boy I would have been really sick and a sad puppy!
For the future
I do understand that when I go to a .org and the website I have to do backups. oh my! So I am glad these little hick ups teach me what I need. and what I should do. and why I should always be patient, and keep working on what seems to be a problem. it hard but the knowledge of the problem and with in self is really worth it in the end. I kept my screaming to my self. why bother the family. But I just told you so I did get it out that way as well.
A quote for you. Movement with out direction will create a hole in the ground

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Subscription Boxes.

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Hay Everyone, it has been a little while since my fingers have hit the keys to send out a post on this blog. But as you know I go off time to time to do research on subjects that I find interesting. Some have to do with working online and others are on a personal nature. Todays post in a way started as personal. However I could see how it relates to working online in a few ways. I thought I would write a short blog post on the subject.
The next blog two post after this one started out also as a personal interest but, after attending a seminar and further research. So many light bulbs lite up that I had to go deeper in those subject as well. But that is for the next two post.

Lets get on with Subscription boxes!

Subscription boxes listings site

Subscription boxes listings site

OK I started out looking for a way that I could send things to my daughter who moved to the ATL earlier this year. Financially that move kicked my butt so, I had to postpone my plans for the dot.org and a few others to help her out. what do we do for our children? Well they are our future. So I thought ok fine. I still have that nine to five, and plan on staying there till I reach 60 years old.

Which is another two years. I can still work on my various projects and pay off the bills. So ok. Now I was looking for an automatic way that I could send her things in the mail.I believe in automatic ways of doing things. Have you read the book the automatic millionaire. Good book with some very good ideas. you should read it. I subscribe to that theory in most parts of my life. I have a pension a deferred comp, my bills. My car note payments are though a company called colonial corporation. There you can set up auto payments on cars home, apartment rents. all sorts of auto payment. Online I have automatic systems set up for where the blog post go and on and on. Set it and forget it! I love that concept.

I was exploring the net in search of a way to send her stuff,and found the world of subscription box services and companies. So I got involved with two. One for healthy snacks( Naturebox) and one for makeup.(Ipsy)
I am going to try them first before setting it up for her.(It has been about two months in each of the subscriptions).
Subscription box services or shopping sites like this sale the memberships for a fee of $5, $10,$20, $30, $45, dollars or more. They are set up to come once a month. Most of the selections are a surprise, but with them you can also pick a selection. I like the surprise and plus I am trying products out that I don’t know anything about, but want to learn and see what is out there. New companies, or products that I don’t have any clue about. Like makeup. I don’t use it. However as I get older I see the need or should I say I have the desire to see about using some of the products.

Ipsy subscription box

Ipsy subscription box

Suggestions from friends and family are great. I use their tips all the time however, what and who are the companies to use and what is new I have no clue. Heck I have had the same blush for years, and I have never used a gloss or lip polish. I got a sample of a lip gloss from Ipsy that I really like,and once I use it I will purchase another. Sure I see the younger ladies at work with the gloss and my daughter uses gloss, So it is my chance to try things for myself.

With Naturebox I have enjoyed many healthy snack items that I truly enjoy. What ever dietary needs you have or your taste preference, you can get it there. Weight loss, vegan, gluten conscious,made without milk or nuts.Most snack come in a full size bag. Now you can get a very good sense of the product.Once you have tasted the item you can order it again or continue getting a surprise selection with your dietary need being sent to you each month. I think it is a great program and I plan on sending a gift of this program to my daughter. She can have health snacks to turn to instead of regular chips.

Naturebox Subscription box

Naturebox healthier snack choices!

Looking at the world of these subscription boxes there are many people utilizing these services. The makeup industry is in my view is strong in that market with many many followers, you can see the evidence by going to utube with all the reviews! it is a great way for products to get known and to send out new samples of new products. Most send with free shipping included in the per month membership. But it does not stop there with makeup but that seems like the largest group of companies.
I will name a few of the companies so you can get a scope of what is being offered. Here is a few of them.
The fantasy box introduces couples to a new level of fun and communication with a new theme for a date night.
Travel box includes mix of travel goods selected from around the world.
Tackle grab yes you guessed it hand packed bait to your door.

There are tea companies, and kid boxes and boxes for men. for shoes to socks, flowers books, meals to hemp products. Now can you see why I am excited about this services? It is all done online and many a large and small company are represented there. To expose you to the services and products and companies.
if you have a company or product and you want to have some exposure, then I think this is a great way to get out there and be seen.
The companies have referral programs and cash off or free product if you refer someone or get on U tube and give a review of the product or services. There are over 150 subscription boxes plus companies out there, and growing. One blog I would like to mention two blogs I use myself to explore this world of subscription boxes the first one is Shopgirldaily.com penned by Lisa Koivu. she like to save money and shows all how to in a variety of ways, the next blog is Mysubsciptionaddiction.com this one is by Liz Corry She love these services and spends about $200 a month on them and reviews the various boxes.
They both have great blogs and very useful when wanting to get value from the boxes and the selection and reading what others have to say about the products and the boxes.Check out their blogs for detailed information on this subject.

Walmart and Target have joined in this game but so far they are only a quarterly plan. But for 5 or 7 dollars a shipment. Wow that is very nice. Most boxes try to give you products that are worth more than the monthly service cost. If Walmart sends five items and two surpass the monthly fee of $5 dollars then you are only paying for the shipping which they say is free. I do think it is worth it.And I get to try new things without spending a lot of money for full size products that I may or may not like.I think the quarterly plan is fine. Still with the idea of exploring and trying out new products.

I can get flowers, booze, artisan products, wellness and Eco friendly boxes and there are even a personal shoppers services for a monthly fee.
I think it would be a great market to do some research and see what is missing or just to get your product or service out there for the world to see and explore. The world of subscription boxes started in 2010 with a company called Burchbox out of New York. They are the first and the most widely used. Now I think they are starting to run ads on tv. I think this market will continue to expand, since it is done online and their seems to be a big customer base for it. It in my humble opinion is worth the money and would be a great gift for any one to get,and a good business to start online. Smile

A Quote for you in parting. Trim back the bloom that has flowered; a new bud will most certainly form.

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Vaction time is over!! but

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chi rainyday
Hay everyone I just wanted to shot you a little note to say that I am working on witching this site to the wordpress org. so I can add more things and get a little commercial on you a bit! Smile.


Life changes and with that idea or that reality. I must say that I am too. So as the weather changes here. so shall this site. so please bear with me since you know I am new. So with being new it takes me a little bit longer to do the things I need to do. but take heart, the key point is to take action and that is for sure what I am doing. so if you use me as any kind of example then yes you take action too. and go for your dreams, and your wishes to work online. This is one big step that I take. and I would encourage you to do the same. that is with your dreams and goals. go for it. when I get this all going I know you know I will be back to tell you the in and out of things. and show you pictures of my vacation that was really not a vacation. Thanks so much for sticking with me. Here is just another sample of a photo series that I did.

20130830_112944 wow kinda cool!! smile and with that I got to run!! and a little quote for you. The only thing really constant is change!! smile.

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The Morning after

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Early mornings blues

Well, I am just getting off to a brand new week and back to my 10 A.m to 6 P.m. work week. I found it hard to be productive working those early hours. In an earlier post I was trying it out,one or two days a week. And at that time I did not know that the training was to happen. boy was that a sock to my overall system. I guess after years of working the later hours it was hard to change to the 5 Am wake up time. the first week I was a mess. the second week was a little better. However I was still very tired. The morning after I finished that training I did not get up but stayed in bed til 11 am. The whole weekend I was attending to work I had neglected. I had intended to come back here and post that post about what was going to happen but I forgot all about it. I just today posted it because I felt there was still some useful information there to post. I also have come to the decision to take some time off for the summer.

What is life about any way. Also my son is coming back in town and I would like to do somethings with him and the family. I want to get out and about for a while before the end of summer which is almost here! oh my how time flies.It waits for no one.

I have the website up now but, I am still working on it. yes it is live, At first I was holding off on making it live because I wanted all things to be in oder. But then I as I always do, read from some of my mentors and they relay the idea that you can not wait until something is perfect. Now understand this I know I am not perfect and that is not my goal. My goal here is to explore all the ways to make a living online. On the blog and website Netnewbi the goal is to talk and motivate others like me to keep on pushing on with your endeavors of working as a network marketer and Direct sales person with thoughts and idea and place to get more information on the subject of marketing encouragement. One Key point here is that with a blog that explores ways of making a living online you do not get to go all the way with some of the subject matter that I cover. An example of that was the topic of franchises however after really looking at them I did come to the conclusion that buying into a franchise is just like buying into a job. I don’t want to buy a job for myself. Now if I started a franchise that would be a different matter and a whole new ball game. However you would have to have a product or service that others would also want to buy as a job to do or to offer others. The Cost factor is not one that someone can just jump into. We are talking thousands of dollars here, a business plan and spot on credit ratings. Furthermore a host of regulations and restrictions from the parent company.Oh boy not for me. However these are my thoughts on it, it could be for some of you. I want to look at work online that does not cost that much,and less restrictive and a little more creative.

I really enjoy writing these blogs, now I believe I have a passion for writing I use to write little stories. So I think the next online work I will write about is the freelance writer, which also includes the copywriter. I will explore that topic as I mess with Netnewbi website more, and work on the direct sales that I do, I work with 2 companies. The first company I have put on the back-burner because I really joined it to just travel. It is nice like that due to having no monthly quota to go for. The other reason it’s on the back-burner is you could not really do it correctly online with marketing. And as I know and you too I want to work online. Last summer I ran around town with meetings here and there and just everywhere. Sure it was fun for a while but I know in my heart of hearts that was also not for me. Not running the streets as I was. Some times you have to do something for a while until you see and understand that this was not my idea of what I wanted to do. However I know others find this a great and wonderful way to build.My daughter loves it. So I searched and found a program that I could do online. So now or after this little break for summer I will be promoting it and back to blogging.

Summer time is a hard time to work in doors. For every chance I got I was outside enjoying the wind and the sun, and the grass underfoot. Another hobby of mine as you know is gardening. I love it, but it has it challenges as well and it money pits too. So What does not? I ask you. nothing. Some of the days I was in writing and then I would jump up and out the back door into my yard I go. here is a little picture from that day. sometimes it does take doing a little of this and a little of that to get things done some times.

picture of my garden lovelies and the blogging

picture of my garden lovelies and the blogging

Well, for the morning after I can say this that hide sight is better sometimes that forethought. once you have jumped in and start doing you really understand what it is to do the early mornings and what it takes to work on research. and some times you do have to revamp what you will do. but the life lesson I can say about this is you live and you learn. Now is that not what life is about.

So for now til late September I will be on vacation. and when I come back I think I will try the two a month writing schedule so that I can do all that I must do to be free from the 9 to 5 gig. and I will introduce you to the network marketing programs that I do.

And as always>>>>

Quote debates subtracts from accomplishing.

debates about the impossible subtracts from trying to accomplishing

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Break-time, summertime blues

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Hi all, and welcome back to this blog of mine and your if you like what I have here then you can call it yours. I do have to take time to explain what has been going on in my little life of late. There have been some big changes at my current job and it has thrown my life in a mess. My hours will be changing for about two weeks. It is called training, at a company that is trying to get rid of me. Fine that makes perfect sense. Do you understand what it is to be in turmoil. With your job and all the plans that have gone or are built around that job. Sure I have plans to leave that job when I was ready to. You know the plans I have for working online. The job has been working on my mind and my soul. It has caused me to stop and ponder what to do now and what steps I need to take now. I have had fun exploring the world of working online. But I have not taken that step and doing one or two of the things I have talked about. Well let me think I am working with a direct sales company so I have done some of the things and I have been looking at another one very closely.

The new company is geared more for working online than the first one. I never want to put all my eggs into one basket. So I don’t see the problem with having two direct sales companies I want to work with. No one is just one-sided a person. oh for these of you who are just now reading some of this blog a direct sales company is a network marketing company. I wrote about that subject a while ago. I am really hooked on the business model of doing business.

The benefits are great. There is no business you can start for under $1000 dollars. The key to it is, you do have to work hard. Most people do not work hard at it. They think that money will come rolling in over night which is not the case at all. You have to build it. it can take well over two years to get it to start showing any movement. if you never quit and have that kind of mindset. with one person at a time it will grow. the important part is that you have to look at it as a real business so you have to invest in learning and you have to build up your skills in promoting, and storytelling.

The storytelling is just you why of doing the business, and what motivates you to like it. you can not lie for people most times can see though a lie. And I must say what would be the point in lying? your credibility well be shot down with lies.

The other problem is what is the product and or services. What is the compensation plan. Most companies tell you that you have to act now. however I would not say that to any one. I say think on it real hard and get some facts about this kind of business and understand that in a way it is a numbers game. the more people you introduce to it the more possibility that some will join. However in my view you don’t want just anyone to join. You are looking for the person that has the same drive that you do. You have to teach others how to do what you do in order to help that person grow. This is an important part for you because you do have to like and love seeing the folks who join do well. Furthermore you can’t hold their hands in the whole process. They also have to have the desire to grow within themselves. Most network marketing companies call this teachable and coachable. You have to sow for a while before you will develop any seedlings or a wonderful plant. that is just the name of the game.

I have also finished the website but I am still messing around with learning how to put ad on it. and I still have the sign up under construction. with out these I don’t want to open it up to the world. Smile. So I have done some of the things I have talked about. silly me. I forgot these. I can actually name a few more if I think on it harder. However to me they just seem to be small things that are necessary and part of the big picture but they have less movement or impact than what I would like.

The big issue about writing about working on-line you have to do a lot of research and with some topics you don’t get to go in deep with some of it. now my intention here has always been to cover the topic a little and give you a small view of what the online jobs or business are. So that you will go out and explore the subjects like I have done in order to find that job online for your self.

OK now I went off subject a little. I wanted to simply say that I am going to take a break from writing the blogs so that I can dive into working. there is a saying that you are not in business if you are not making any money from it. the money is just a means of measuring your input. So I have to get started now not later. Sure I love coming here and to the other blog and writing I like it very much. The break will possibly only for the rest of the summer. I also have to take my pc in for a few repairs during this time. this was a family pc and it is filled with years of family stuff so I have to clear all that so that it will dedicated to the sole purpose of working online for my self. I have helped most of the family members get laptops of their own so that I can do just that.


You know you do have to download your website from time to time and I have put in place the cloud back up to do that once I get this pc ready for work. the summertime blues is the fact that I have to train in a location that I really don’t want to train in and that I have to be away from writing on the blogs for a while. in my mind I have pondered this move as something I don’t want to do but I see that I have to in order to I see it as saving my neck LOL. I also have to work with an attorney due to a work situation that I was put into which is not fair. So I have many things on my plate that I must take care of now.
I have been working in my garden because it keeps me grounded so to speak. yes that was a play on words there but it is true.


Next week starts my training. but the break will come in August. I have two blogs subjects I have in draft that I want to get out before the break comes in and before this mac goes in the shop. Also I need to shop around for a new camera. The photos that come from my phone are good but they are not great or what I am looking for. Remember now I like taking pictures in fact that is what I majored in at SIU. But digital is where it is now so I have to upgrade my camera. If you have any suggestion please pass it along to me. I will be so grateful for the help.


Well that is all she wrote for today. but in parting I just have to leave you with a quote as always. Smile. I will leave you with two. this first one is from me.

1. Positive is not the negative,So be positive that is life and the joy of hope.
2. Placing a value on wealth is transitory. Knowing how to count is knowledge unchanged.

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Hosting! hosting?

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website hosting

Hosting a website

Wow! New things and something new to play with; a website! This is Converscity but the picture is of Netnewbe. The website I am learning to create and to see how hosting works and then to play with advertising and design in the future. However today the name of the game is hosting.

So let dive right on in. There are many hosting companies out there just do a search and you will find a whole sloe of them, read carefully what they have to offer and check around with friends or others as to which ones they suggest and why they like it. I am told that Host Gator and Blue Host are really great for word press.Netnewbe is hosted with Godaddy and it is on Google blogspot. They(Go daddy) do a lot of up sales of features that you may want like mobile app so, check to see if it is and add-on or it is included. With cell phones and tablets that is an important feature to have.

There are many many different types of hosting(clustered hosting grid hosting, video). However I am going to cover the three basic options for the website or a blog that we as common folk would want.

The internet is like a virtual world and on the world are streets homes, business and each has an address so in other words you have to own or rent space in this virtual world and the hosting providers are the real estate agents who rent and provide space for you.

They run and own powerful computer bigger and stronger than the ones we have at home they also specialize in high-speed connections and have better firewall protection. These computers are called servers and they store all your information, and the address(IP)(internet protocol) and files you have connected to your site.

server clusters


They also provide domain registration and email services and auto responders in a simplified form. since the internet is a computer and computer talk to each other in math formations or data commands in this digital world. We need these hosting companies to identify and start devices and communicate with and in between other devices and computers.

The three options for us to use are shared hosting, dedicated hosting and free hosting. Most of us use shared hosting when we go to a hosting services. You and I and another group of people share the server. it is limited on bandwidth and storage but most times it is enough for the average website owner. The cost is affordable because it is shared by you and others however, it is less secure that the next hosting option.

The dedicated server is one that you are the only one using it and it is faster that the shared and free hosting options. It is more secure and it does cost more. People who use this dedicated server are people who have very large sites and they are very popular and they need a lot of disk space and they run a lot of scripts and need more cpu than the average joe Linda.
Now last but not lest is the free hosting they are the non critical sites and they offer you a sub-domain for use. The free word press,blogspot for blogs then the free hosting services like, Biz.nf, 50webs.com and freehostia.com examples of a free hosting. You pay nothing. The hosting services can add or subtract features and they are most times not transferable and ads are present with out your control and you have their location on the tail of your name.The three free hosting services provided above state they have no ads. but most do.

Next time i will give you some terms to muddle over so that when you go to the site you will need some steps if you are going to change a blog into a website. Until then here is a quote I think they are fun and chuck full of life lessons thoughts and wisdom. Smile.

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves and all things are bound together. All things connect.” Chief Seattle

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Early in the morning

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Welcome back to converscity. Is it that early in the morning that I am sitting here writing this? Last week I was up early on a fluke going to bed early. And my body telling me to get up you have had enough sleep. So what is going on today is it the same thing. No today I am up because I wanted to start this new little venture on what mornings would mean to me, with the creative side of myself. Can I write something in the morning like I do at night. Then with all the talk of mornings being the best time to do, from mentors that I read from like Robin Sharma. They saying that it is the best time to get any thing done. So I said well since I am up I should look into this. What I have found is this. I like being up in the mornings and if you have thoughts you can write at any time of the day.

I find that I am not as worn out at this time of the day. Mind you I get up about two hours before I go to work and I contemplate and I figure out my days plan of actions. I also do what I call mediate which means I sit there and think of nothing and just feel my surroundings and bend and starch a little. to me it is the same feelings that I get when I am out working on my garden but doing something. I think of nothing but what I am doing and I bend and pull weeds and starch and dig that hole. I feel good doing it. It all relaxes me mentality and physically. Hum what a good feeling. Now with every thing there are limitations. I know that I can not do this every single day due to my work schedule. I don’t start work until 10:00am and I get off at 6:00 pm and then run to pick up my daughter at the studio and get home for dinner. Now that does not leave me with much time to compose self and get other things done. I write on the fly, which means that I have a thought and I just start writing.

I am not the kind of person that composes my writing in advance, maybe if I did that I could spend more time with composition and grammar,punctuation headings and to emphasize what i am saying better. However that is not my thing. maybe one day i will get someone to review the writing before I hit publicize this. Ha ha. Anyway the other thing I like about mornings is the rise of the sun.



It always makes me smile when it does wake me up. It seems that it is said to me that I am so glad that you are here for another wonderful day. Then a little snake pops up and says yes now you have to go to work in the dungeon and not see the light of the natural day for most of the day. Hug! But then the positive me says Hay! cheer up, you have a job that you need now to do all the things needed to help you get out of there one day! Soon I hope! Mornings I also like that it is quiet,it is peaceful. So I see why they advocate this time of the day.

But for now I will keep to my night crawling ways and write and do my research in the night and try to get myself in the bed before 1 Am. I think some of us are wired differently I remember in my college days that I got a lot of art work done in the late night hours. it was peaceful then too. but now with a house full of younger adults with their friends and the tv. It is not as productive for me. I believe that is why I thought of the early mornings being the change that I need.

Here are a few suggestions that if the morning hours are your cup of tea then to help start the day.

Go to bed every night by 10 p.m.
Get up every morning at 5 a.m.
Read a chapter from the Bible or spiritual book every day.
Write a page in a journal every day.
Read a chapter of a good book every day.
Go for a walk.
Have breakfast not in a rush.

I have also read that it is very important to get a good night sleep more than 5 hours of sleep is best. I know that if I sleep longer than 7 hours my body hurts so I must get up then. I do believe that once I stop working and working from home I will do a flex schedule and some morning drive to the lake and walk on the lakefront. I understand that everyone is different and there is in my humble opinion the best time is when you deem it right for you.

time best for you.

what time is best for you?

Now before I go this bright and sunny morning a Quote

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow” Mark Twin

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Why a website?

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Hello and welcome again to converscity. The place or the medium that I use to talk about working online and other stuff but the emphasis is ways to work online. Today I am covering the website. In business online, most experts will tell you that you need a website to brand and promote your business or services and products. However you can do the same thing with a simple blog. But in order to have more control on the content and the overall design and function of your little piece of online real-estate I think to have a website is the way to go. Lets take me for example I want a website so that I can work online and brand myself and to also control the content and to sell products and affiliate products. The content that I want to control is the ads that appear on the site. I want to learn how to place ad on the site and just what it is to be. The related products or services that I like or think are useful. Right now on this blog there are ads that are shown but, I have nothing to do with them I don’t have control of them. Since you also know ( from comments on earlier postings that I like things to be useful in many ways. I want any ads to benefit me and relate to the content that I am chatting about.

When I come to my blog here I don’t see the ads but I know that they are there. Because one day I was showing a friend how to get to my site and wow I saw the ads. Now I am not a real big control freak but since I am trying to make a start at making a living this is one detail that I want to have a hand in as well. The free blog will not let me put my own ads on or approve what goes on it,since it is free. You have to upgrade for that. Only when I make it into a website will I have the control I need to say what ads and where and when. Some other good reason to have the website is this, it gives you more credibility in the market today that is an important factor with branding yourself. It is somewhat expected when you are trying to do business it also give a more professional image.

I want to have a blog with the website included within it. I will also be able to build a community and have content that is always fresh and new to some. I also understand that there are many others who write about the same thing and the information that I write about can be found if one does a search on the net. But some times when you see it written in a new or in the perspective of another you can get more meaning or understanding that one did not get at the first reading of the information. I remember times I have told my daughter and my son information or given advise, they understand what I have told them but it is when someone else confirms this same information that they finally get it or it hits home with them.I sort of see that happening here. with my simple writing of information. Ok now since I have covered the disclaimer that this is not all new subject matter, let’s get on with the reasons why a website. I love the idea of having the two mix.

Today you have the a hybrid site that combine the best of both. A blog and a website and that is what I am going for. Today it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between the two with blogs having the added function of tracking traffic and all the other resources of plugin and the software. furthermore,it is a little know fact that blogs get more traffic from the search engines and are a better or faster use of SEO than a website due to more frequent content creation. The two terms that come to mind are static and dynamic.
They are both a kind of content management system. The static system is one that is unchanged or it is pre-built and it is the same each and every time one views it. For example when you come to my site here, I have a static first page. I wanted you to view that information first, the introduction of who I am and what this site is about. This first post I made it that way so it will not move, the rest of the blog is dynamic. Now most blogs are what is referred to as dynamic which means it changes all the time and the content is new. It is not in first written order(chronological order) but what was last in the content creation cycle. The search engines are always looking for new content so this format works great for them and an excellent benefit for you. They index the information faster than a static system like a website. So this should be a clue to anyone who wants to be seen faster,sooner on the search engines. A blog does the trick. I have read one analogy which I like.
a blog is like a magazine but digital and a website is a brochure in the digital world of the internet. A magazine and it’s articles are updated more often where the brochure is only updated when information is changed or not important anymore. So I want the brochure and the magazine. since I also have ideas of being a writer. I know I have a long way to go with that,but you have to start some place. So dive in and get these toes wet and all muddy!!

Money is not every thing but it helps the medicine go down right?. Or it helps with goal setting. However it is a medium of exchange that most people need to for fill the dreams and wishes to help others and to put more plants in the garden of choice, food on the table, to give advice, to share the knowledge of life!! Heck to change things in your life that you want to change. In other words it is a motivator or can be, but it is not a love. I love people places and ideas and learning and books my dog. But this society uses it. So there for so must I and all of us.

So there you have it the why a website and that is all she wrote for this day of grace and promise. Next time Web hosting companies! I will tell you why I selected the ones I am using and a little of how they work. Before I say good night dear journal and good night dear friends,here is a little quote for your consideration.

Happiness is not a reward-it is a consequence. Suffering is not a punishment it is a result. By Robert Green Ingersoll

Ok one more quote… No man was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave. By Calvin Coolidge
Here is a little picture of my dog she is hard to photograph for some reason she does not like to stand still for them. I thought i would share her pretty face with you. smile my little girl

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