Suggested books to read.

Reading is fundamental

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Reading is fundamental to your growth and changing your mind-set and developing a healthier and wealthier you, full of lovely potential.

I hope to be short! that is my goal here. So here I go.

I like to read and I do it a lot. That is a passion. It feeds my need to know, learn and grow. So for to day’s suggestion of book to reads, I think a post or two I mentioned the book  Quiet by Susan Cain. and she has my first name. so you know the book is a winner!! that is one book I suggest reading in that other post about Network marketing.It is very insightful in the world of the introvert and the extrovert. and how they react and mix in a world that sometimes is too loud!! be quiet and listen please and think about it. Smile.

The other book or I should say it is a magazine, and that is Success magazine.  I started the subscription about a month ago, and I do love it. It is a business mag that hight lights successful people with the entrepreneur mind-set. and provides information and content for these who are interested in home base business  The small and self-improvement. The content is very good and give you much food for thought.  I also receive one CD every time I get the magazine with motivational stuff in it from so many of the renowned authors and thought leaders in the country. I think that is great. I like magazines I was a member of Maghound until they closed up earlier this year. I am so sad that happened you just don’t know how much so. However, I had to move on and search for something more once again. I have now found Success magazine. No it does not replace Maghounds service for around 12 bucks a month, however for the $29.00 I pay for it I get a lot of value for my money and I do like value. The free CD inside this month has inspiring talks with Deepak Chopra and Dan Kennedy.  The May issue had tracks with Dan Sullivan and Dr. Nedd Hollowell and Jason Dorsey. All  great stuff. I listen in my car. and read the magazine just before bed time. I just thought you  enjoy it too. So give both a look-see. and see if you find the value that I did. smile Short short, short.

With will and determination any thing is possible if we have faith and believe in ourselves and give it our best foot forward. Smile

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check out the book Crush it.

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The first book I would suggest reading is the book that got me started again thinking about working online. and that is >>> let me have a drum roll please!!! crush it by Gary Vaynerchuck. He is from New York and  he talks about the time is now to cash in on your passion and to do what makes you happy and do it on the Internet. He gives us arguments on why  to build a brand and to give or have good content. He encourages all who read this book with his own passion for what he is talking about with his style of delivery. You can also get it on audio book so that you can listen while going to work if you are still doing that. Have a good time with this book. Passioneffort and knowledge and what Gary calls sweat equity is the driving force in this book.

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Suggested reading and podcast and websites

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Crush it Why now is the time to cash in on your passion by Gary Vaynerchuk

The Thank you economy by Gary Vaynerchuk

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Never get a Real Job How to dump your Boss, build a business and not go broke by Scott Gerber

The strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale and Creative thinking  by Earl Nightingale

The 4- Hour workweek by Timothy Ferriss

The books listed above are but a few, but they gave me the start, the push the fire to want to do more, to reach my goals and dreams of being  self-employed and to start this blog and do something different. I take a little from this one and a little from that  other one and craft my own sensibility. I am the sum of the parts. to create my own path and my own destiny. I am not perfect nor do I try. but I like to share and to give a little back and to help when I can. since I am cash poor I give what I learn.

Also  I have included  a few pod cast shows and a website I like and use to grow and learn. They have some great advice and idea, and instruction  and I live by them to again learn and grow.

The podcast are: Foolish Adventure with Tim Conley and Izzy Hyman. The Digital Marketer quick and dirty tips and the Money girl by Lori Adams,  Free Agent underground by Kevin Miller and a website that I learn by also. NetDivvy created by Vince Reed. Also check out the blog of Seth Godin. Note: all the listing podcast websites, books are the ones I use as learning tools. It is up to you whether you find them useful and meaningful. They are only suggestions and no guarantee are implied or given. smile but check them out and enjoy exploring.

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