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Hi all!! well I am back for a bit to give you news you can use . Today I want to chat about aggregator. So you ask what the heck is that. Well it is a system, website or software that lets you have access to all your go to spots online. It puts them in one place so that you can update all your spot at one place. Most of you may have heard of Hootsuits or Google buzz,Microsoft Spindex, Convodrack, Yacktrack, Flavorsme and Social radar. Well I have a new one(new to me) and what I like about this new one is this. Oh yes first the name of this new aggregator is Rebelmouse.
You can check mine out at any way.

I go to a lot of place online and I chat here and show and tell there.I was running around to each of the places and spaces most weeks. Now with this program I can go to one place and have at it all in one location. I think that is great. Now the nice thing about Rebelmouse is that if you like the look of the Pinterest page(grid layout) this you will also love. However it is just one persons page that you can view and comment on, to your heart’s content.
It is free. it also has paid subscriptions too, that is good too. So check it out and try it out. if you don’t try it you will never know. it is also a website. So I wonder what the SEO value is for it, with all the content. Oh yes the content is populated by all the places you go,like flipboard. It also has analytics that can be used for any posting you want to track. This venture is from a former Huffington post CTO Paul Berry. So if you know Huffington and Paul Berry then you know what expect. Smile.
If you do go to one place and add something there it will automatically be added to your rebelmouse pages.

I think that it is sweet.
So I am going to play with it for a few weeks and see what else I can learn about it and the pros and cons of it. Like all the other ones listed above they do have some features that are better for what you want to use it for. The rebelmouse is for social networks.

Ok to refresh Aggregators compiles information from multiple sources so that you can have one for data, news polls reviews search and video streaming.

one thought that hits me straight off the bat is that sometimes your separate places are for different groups of people and with this it is a merge of them. However it can show your diversity, and that may be a good thing or a great thing. it is your perspective you must contend with. I like the promise of it.
I could get more work done by using this kind of format to up date all my area of go to places around the net. Oh yes let me let you know about this little drawback. if you want to call it that.
Like pinterest it picks up the post the writings and the information that has pictures connected with it. The postings on my blog that does not have an image on that page or post was not picked up but put into another area for you to select, if you want it to be added on your main page.Smile.

Finally with every good-bye a meaningful quote.

If you weave with out pose, you will create threads without form.

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What is SEO and how is it used

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So what is SEO and why is it important to us that have blogs, websites, web pages, you tube videos and so on.

Well, first of all SEO is short for Search Engine optimization. You use search engines to look up things you want to research or find or buy online, A search engine is like or is a data base program or software that stores and find matches to you request. Examples of that is google, yahoo, Msn, Ask, just to name a few.
Optimization is to make something more effective and be functional and effective with in a given set of rules or conditions,and or constraints.
It is a system that makes searches better and more functional for you.
There are Metasearch engines too these search though many engines at one time and are not dependent on just one engine to get results. They have been around for ever also Examples of these are Planetsearch, Dogpile to name two. Dogpile search thought the big four engines while planet search though I think 16 engines.

So why is this important to you. will if you are looking for something online the search engines makes it possible to find what you are looking for. The program or software goes though all or the most relevent information found online from pages, blogs websites, to give you what you are looking for by using your key words or key phases you use. it links or spiders to information found in these places and sends you to that spot. and if you are a blogger or an online store or page or website you want these searches to find you. So you use some of the same key words and key phrase in the body of your content and in your headings to tell the search engines find your information and send the people to you.

Also an important factor is to have traffic that come to your site and blog it states to the engine that a lot of people find your information good/ great or relevent to what they seek and the search engines will constantly come to your site and give your site a high-ranking ( top of the list) for your content is good, you have many link backs to other people and other sites. Links are important because if you have many the search engines gives your site the mark of an authority site or pages. Links are like yes or likes or votes saying you have a useful and beneficial content.



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The Authority site

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Here is a short blog post one for you. Since most times my post are long to long.  smile I can’t help it!!

The Authority site. This is a website that has a lot of content coming out of it by its members or by one person that has been blogging for a long time. But most times in this day and age it is from more that one person but a group of others. Because it has a lot of content coming out of it. The authority site  gets a lot of traffic coming into it. This  is good for the SEO( search engine optimisation)  rating one gets due to a lot of content for the  world-wide web to spider(grab, access) the content and links found there to send visitors to that site to pick up on the key words they requested used all over the Authority site.

These sites purpose is to drive traffic to the site so that you can join buy or add to the content there. Most times to buy or sell something. Authority sites are said to be great if you are the owner of it for your ROI( return on investment). They don’t cost much to make and they are built for the long-term investment. and the ranking on the search engines. but you can have authority sites that are not ranked high on the search engines, but have a lot of traffic and a lot of content.

Examples of an Authority site is … WordPress, Facebook,Empowernetwork, Amazon,Blogger, and so on.( you do have a lot of the social networking sites considered to be Authority sites however now that is being debated or broken into  sub categories.)

Yes see the list  that you can share this content with below these are all authority sites one way or the other.

Smile have a good day!! hope that help you Netnuwbie!


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Network marketing

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Susan a young picture!

Network marketing is the name of the game and I plan on winning and so can you. Sorry I have not been around here. I have been  doing so many things. Things are happening that I just have not had the time to come to the blog. But let me give you a brief over view of what I have been doing.( me do a brief overview? oh well.) I have been network marketing the old fashion way. This means I have not been near the pc for days.( only to get numbers)  I have been contacting people and going to meet and greets to connect with others and doing research about getting connected with others who share and who want to connect with others as I am doing. The internet is a great way to connect but you can’t just use that way to connect with others and build a relationship with them. Face to face must be done as well. and I gave my lap top to my son to use in Alaska to keep in touch. what I would give to have an IPad. I am going to save my money and get one next year. ( I have ads, and affiliate marketing and websites to pay for and build, ect) So it can’t be now. IPad they are great on the go and since I connected with the tweet thing. it would be helpful there too.

But let me say this first, I say and feel I am an introvert personality. I like doing a being alone, working on my projects, gardening, panting, reading, writing, pondering a situation. However I do like people and I like sharing and helping others see another way of doing things. Being an introvert kind of person it is hard or a little scary to connect with others in person. But I know I have to get out and share what I know and do what I like to do. Then you(I) have to get out of your(my) comfort zone and do something different.

I also just finished reading a new book called Quiet by Susan Cain. She gives and examines the psyche of both the introvert and the extroverts and shows examples of such people in history and how they fit in a society that sometimes overlooks the introvert and empowers the extrovert in our world. I like the book and I do see myself with in the pages and it did and does help me understand a few things and how to over come many situations. Check out the book it is a good read for the extrovert too.

Any way, back to the networking and getting out of my comfort zone. The thing about getting out and connecting with others tents to be fun and a challenge for my self.  I am learning so many things about my self and others. I love to learn and I love life and I do like to meet others and hear their story, and to share things that I know. Remember you always are the teacher and the student. I will never call my self an expert about any thing even if I know it very well. For there is always someone who knows a little more than you.  Then the case is to, (with me) that I always want to be a humble person and not pretentious. Not overly proud, sure I am proud of self but I am not the kind of person that calms to know every thing and not listen to what others have to say and I do want to value the things I learn from others. it is so important. I am not only about self but others as well.

To learn and grow is my life.  To share it with others in my heart and in my spirit says it is the right thing to do. So I have been re-connecting with old friends from high school.( the picture above is me at high school age or close) They are great and they are doing so many interesting things. One girl I meet up with is making t-shirt and hats designs with bling and another is making jewelry and they are so wonderful.  Great people and they are self employed a subject near and dear to my heart and the subject matter of this blog. The thing I like about networking or network marketing is how you meet others with the same or similar interest and growing your communication and presentation skills and working with others to make life better and to open the minds of others. To show how to do something a little different or to add this or that in the mix and what one can really do to start a business and finally to see how you can help them help themself.  It is so rewarding when you see that light bulb go off in someones eyes!! Giving them the motivation and the insight of goals setting planning and things to work on together.  It is a good thing! I do feel that helping others help themselves is also helping your self grow and learn and it rounds you out. Expands your thoughts. since I am also the frugal person I like things that are two-fold, or have dual functions. I sleep on a couch that converts to a bed. LOL or a table that is also a chair!

Learning how to sell your self or market your self is a learning curve that everyone needs in growing a successful business. in truth your life is selling your self, The interview, what you do how you do it and your goals and dreams and your education is your resume, in a verbal context. Well I see I did not do quick and short oh well, so  I am off running. I have to do more of this networking and  the bed is calling my name!! LOL. Just wanted to check in and let you know I thinking of you and this blog that I love so much. it too is networking and building connections and learning a craft. but at times you have to go where the people are to get things done and to build. So I would say get out in the street and share your self with others. and let them know what you do and how you go about it. and share a link and your presence online to connect in more ways than one. I always say that a person is not just one-sided, they have many sides. and it is a great way to show others who you are to build trust. yes the old fashion way mixed with the new or the right now way of doing a days worth of living. making worth more than just words but a life of giving self to others.

oh yes!!

I have been working in my yard too. I will show pictures of it soon too. Gardening is something I love to do. The part that I really like is planting  and seeing it grow but now that I have also mastered the lawn mower I will add that in too. but truthfully I like planting more. it fits my creative side more.

So now I see why the lawn guy  before wanted me to get the dog poo up first!! oh my goodness she has done it all over the yard!!

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About Pinterest.

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Sunny days

The Sun on my house and in my heart

I just love Pinterest, it is like looking in a big picture book or catalog and you are viewing it with others. So you get to see how your taste and style matches with others. It is fun in a wasteful time sort of way. It is sharing how you feel about the images you see.  Wishful desires of what you want and what could be.

Now today or this evening I was reading another blog and the blog had this little note in it stating give credit where credit is due.  That blog reminded me that I wanted to post this little warning about Pinterest that I heard while listening to a podcast that I go to often . It is also a practice that I do here or try to do. For example in a post I talked about downsizing the image I used there was from the Small house book by Jay Shafer. I gave credit there. I also really like this idea and  one day would like to have or build one of the houses. Any way back to the podcast.

The message in the pod cast was this; beware of pinning other people images, art work and so on. You could be sued due to copy right issues. Now the Podcast does say that it is most likely not going to happen but you could find your self in a big group lawsuit over the issue. The point of view Pinterest has is that you dear piner take full responsibility over what you do. They are not going to take responsiblity over any thing that others repin or pin. so have fun doing the pins but take note of what you may be involved in.

Boy was that an eye opener to me about the site. So from the point that I heard this news I have stopped pinning and if I do I will pin some of my own pictures and images, and  I will see if any of the other images are from the vendor for they want their items pinned and purchased. these are cool to repin.

I understand and agree that one should ask or find out if the image or item one wants to use should be use with the owner permission or see if it is open to share with others.

We on the internet may think that all items found online are fair game to use at will. But in truth it is not the case.

The term of open source comes to mind. Open source is a term used to let us know that the subject matter is free to redistribute and access. The concept of open source came about due to the very thing I have been talking about in this post free stuff to use from other as long as it is by consent by the original owner. An open source item most times does have a link back to the person who created it or who designed it.

It was started from the rise of the many who use the internet and  wanted to have access to items on the internet.  Groups/ individuals saw the need and the why to market these items for use and to share and get credit for the creation.  In most cases it is ok to use items marked as open source. In some of my blogs and post and articles I also use infographic and they are designed most times to use and to share a concept with others so they too are open source items. I will in another post tell you about infographic.

I felt the need to let you know about Pinterest and to use it with caution. it is a great site and I love it, and will continue to use it.  One must understand the principle of plagiarism and copyright infringement. Not every one wants to share their creations, and they do have that right.  But we must take calculated risk  and be concerned and considerate when using any thing online.

When I find out that I have done the deed, I myself try to go back and use my own stuff. t This is why sometimes you will see most images change here on some of the postings. I like you was not aware of not being able to use images at free will. Now I know now I change, that is also why I have  a lot of picture of self here until I grow my own collection of images.  Now concepts and thoughts some times are different. Every one at one point  has the same thoughts and concepts, ideas. So some of these we can chalk up to; Great Minds think a like! So do share your thoughts ideas they are great it can also be considered a conformation that you too are great and good and you are not on an island of great ideas alone. who blogs you blog and so do I. Smile

I will not be real picky about other using my stuff as long as it is in good taste. With  some other content you ask or give credit. That is fine by me.


Have a great day!!

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People helping each other leveraging to build

Hi,  folks how is every one doing this fine and wonderful day! I am doing great!! How about you.

Today I want to hit on the subject of  leverage.

You use leverage with most things in life. For the good and the bad and to get something you want.  You have to think how am I going to get the most bag for my work or for my dollar. Or how am I going to get him to think of me and not her. Or if going to look for a car what things do I need before I go into the dealership so I can have an advantage over the sale/ cost of the car. So first I want to give you the definition of what leverage is. Then I want to talk about it a little so that you can see how we must think and grow around that idea of how to use leverage and how it applies to you and me and the internet or any business.

The big definition. The power over other people  especially something that gives an advantage but not referred to openly. In finance the borrowing of money to purchase the company in hope that it will, make enough profit to cover the interest.

Now when thinking about doing business on-line you first think of setting up a website, a blog and writing or teaching or showing someone how to do a thing or a selling a product.  But the situation is how do I get others to come and how to get the search engines to come see me. Well you have to do a lot of work with the writing and blogging and content in your website and drawing others to you by social media and so on.  You are all by your self. The key to this idea is to leverage your self.

How by joining groups of like-minded others who are in one area doing the same thing you are doing. We can also see that in order to get more or have an advantage over others who may be doing the same thing is to leverage your self. One way to leverage your self is to join  a site that is considered  an authority site.

An authority site is just a site that puts up a lot of content and more pages than other sites. When the search engines see/spider for content  which they feed on. this is done so they in turn can send the person searching for information to that content.  The idea here is to get with a site that has a lot of content so your content will be included in the search and your content will have more value due to the other content on these content-rich websites. this makes your job easier.  This is what SEO(search engine optimization is all about. This will leverage you to a higher position with the search engines and it will also build your reputation of being a good source for information regarding the subject matter  and useful content desired. being a new person trying to build something it helps with traffic your way because of the many and varied content.

I also think of leverage this way as well. When you are new to any kind of information, business, market, ways of thought, about any thing. You search and find way to learn something faster so that you can get to where you want to be faster and easier than to learn every thing by trial and error.  Reading what others have done or are doing and by joining groups website and following  mentors you push the learning curve up for your self and that too in my view is leverage. You are not recreating the wheel and learning that it must always be round and not square. You bypass some of the errors and time one would make when trying to do something.

Time is an important factor as well. They say time is money and who wants to waste money or time. We follow the mentors the ones who have done a deed before we have and we learn by their telling us of the trials and tribulations of their journey. Their knowledge becomes our knowledge and it puts us ahead of others who did not get this information.

Leverage is also using social media, technology to automate task. reading books that show you how and why,  creating a membership site, or a search engine for a niche,  newsletter and affiliates. These mentioned are other examples of using these tools to gain more leverage around the internet. they are used every day. So use them your self.

A book one should read is How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie. First I did not want to read the book because I am a nice person and a caring person and it just seemed false to learn how to influence others. I want them to be natural not make them do something not of their own will.  I really don’t want to use hard sale talk to make others buy or do what I  want.That is not my way.

However after reading the book which was recommended as a must read.  I try to follow the mentors suggestion. But  being the individual that I am, my  mind said check it out don’t be negative trust what he says. But what I learned was this . It helps you to be more caring of how to do and say things to others, and it takes you away from the self and puts you in others shoes. and it is a very positive book. when looking to find out what do people want and what motivates another it is good to think how another may perceive or how other focus or what is the thought behind that statement or action. we must be concerned so that we do not offend  or cause resentment and to add value to our purpose. and this book give the reason why and how. good book to add to our reading list which is also apart of the concept of leverage.  Smile

The new terms in this post are:  leverage, SEO, Authority sites  and niche

Have a good day folks for that’s all she wrote on this subject this day!

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Hey, Here I am motivating my self again and remembering terms. So let’s jump right in to the subject.
So what is Branding? Well in a way I am doing that now with this blog. The American Marketing Association states that Branding is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature or thing that identifies something to one person or company or service that is distinctly different one from another person,product, service. Wow a mouth full! but I am going to go with that definition.

Get it?

So my blog’s name is ConversCity. I am talking about things I could have named it TalkAbout, which would imply that this blog is about talking about something. Who knows maybe I will change the name. But I think I will wear ConversCity for a while to see how it goes with that name branding. But it still tells the viewer I am going to have or would like to have conversations about stuff.

Right now it is about self-employment online, next year it could be Franchising or later on this year it could be about writing articles for pay.  It also says that I am not showing you how to be a dog walker or I am a bottle of coke,or can of Pepsi.(these are brands, good ones at best)
Now why is branding important to you. when in business you must have a way that people can know who you are and what you do or what kind of service you bring to the table.  What you stand for and what you do. Once they get use to you and know you, it can build trust, and understanding and knowledge. These are all the things you will need to do business in the world online and off-line.  Other examples of good branding. Avon, Coca Cola,the cancer campaign with its pink everything. With symbols it is the visual aid that identifies who you are and what you stand for, and what you sell  what you are about. WordPress has its W. So think about finding and using a brand. It will lead people to you. and that if you are trusted is a good thing. It helps with advertising without you saying a word once you are known. Smile let’s see if I was shorter in my writing this time. peace.

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