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Susan a young picture!

Network marketing is the name of the game and I plan on winning and so can you. Sorry I have not been around here. I have been  doing so many things. Things are happening that I just have not had the time to come to the blog. But let me give you a brief over view of what I have been doing.( me do a brief overview? oh well.) I have been network marketing the old fashion way. This means I have not been near the pc for days.( only to get numbers)  I have been contacting people and going to meet and greets to connect with others and doing research about getting connected with others who share and who want to connect with others as I am doing. The internet is a great way to connect but you can’t just use that way to connect with others and build a relationship with them. Face to face must be done as well. and I gave my lap top to my son to use in Alaska to keep in touch. what I would give to have an IPad. I am going to save my money and get one next year. ( I have ads, and affiliate marketing and websites to pay for and build, ect) So it can’t be now. IPad they are great on the go and since I connected with the tweet thing. it would be helpful there too.

But let me say this first, I say and feel I am an introvert personality. I like doing a being alone, working on my projects, gardening, panting, reading, writing, pondering a situation. However I do like people and I like sharing and helping others see another way of doing things. Being an introvert kind of person it is hard or a little scary to connect with others in person. But I know I have to get out and share what I know and do what I like to do. Then you(I) have to get out of your(my) comfort zone and do something different.

I also just finished reading a new book called Quiet by Susan Cain. She gives and examines the psyche of both the introvert and the extroverts and shows examples of such people in history and how they fit in a society that sometimes overlooks the introvert and empowers the extrovert in our world. I like the book and I do see myself with in the pages and it did and does help me understand a few things and how to over come many situations. Check out the book it is a good read for the extrovert too.

Any way, back to the networking and getting out of my comfort zone. The thing about getting out and connecting with others tents to be fun and a challenge for my self.  I am learning so many things about my self and others. I love to learn and I love life and I do like to meet others and hear their story, and to share things that I know. Remember you always are the teacher and the student. I will never call my self an expert about any thing even if I know it very well. For there is always someone who knows a little more than you.  Then the case is to, (with me) that I always want to be a humble person and not pretentious. Not overly proud, sure I am proud of self but I am not the kind of person that calms to know every thing and not listen to what others have to say and I do want to value the things I learn from others. it is so important. I am not only about self but others as well.

To learn and grow is my life.  To share it with others in my heart and in my spirit says it is the right thing to do. So I have been re-connecting with old friends from high school.( the picture above is me at high school age or close) They are great and they are doing so many interesting things. One girl I meet up with is making t-shirt and hats designs with bling and another is making jewelry and they are so wonderful.  Great people and they are self employed a subject near and dear to my heart and the subject matter of this blog. The thing I like about networking or network marketing is how you meet others with the same or similar interest and growing your communication and presentation skills and working with others to make life better and to open the minds of others. To show how to do something a little different or to add this or that in the mix and what one can really do to start a business and finally to see how you can help them help themself.  It is so rewarding when you see that light bulb go off in someones eyes!! Giving them the motivation and the insight of goals setting planning and things to work on together.  It is a good thing! I do feel that helping others help themselves is also helping your self grow and learn and it rounds you out. Expands your thoughts. since I am also the frugal person I like things that are two-fold, or have dual functions. I sleep on a couch that converts to a bed. LOL or a table that is also a chair!

Learning how to sell your self or market your self is a learning curve that everyone needs in growing a successful business. in truth your life is selling your self, The interview, what you do how you do it and your goals and dreams and your education is your resume, in a verbal context. Well I see I did not do quick and short oh well, so  I am off running. I have to do more of this networking and  the bed is calling my name!! LOL. Just wanted to check in and let you know I thinking of you and this blog that I love so much. it too is networking and building connections and learning a craft. but at times you have to go where the people are to get things done and to build. So I would say get out in the street and share your self with others. and let them know what you do and how you go about it. and share a link and your presence online to connect in more ways than one. I always say that a person is not just one-sided, they have many sides. and it is a great way to show others who you are to build trust. yes the old fashion way mixed with the new or the right now way of doing a days worth of living. making worth more than just words but a life of giving self to others.

oh yes!!

I have been working in my yard too. I will show pictures of it soon too. Gardening is something I love to do. The part that I really like is planting  and seeing it grow but now that I have also mastered the lawn mower I will add that in too. but truthfully I like planting more. it fits my creative side more.

So now I see why the lawn guy  before wanted me to get the dog poo up first!! oh my goodness she has done it all over the yard!!

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