The start.

Who is this Blog for?

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Hello, World, well I am back today to let you know who this blog is for. to clarify who I am writing for. oh one thing you should know before I get started. I go off on tangents. that is just how my mind works and I go with the flow and I tend to be a little long-winded. which means I don’t go right to the point. I try to add how I am thinking and what lead me to what ever I am talking about. So bear with me folks the point will be made.

I guess one way to see the point of all my writing is to look at the tags. I did not like having to add tags to every thing at first but now I find it useful. Any way back to who I am writing for.

First and foremost I am writing for my self to get organized and to self motivate me to do what I want to do and for my need to share information and to add value to what ever I am doing. Also I am going to include terms, names, and places to go online so that you can do your own research into the subject matter I present or I list.

I am not a formal person. That means I do not write out an outline for what the topic will cover I go with the flow. However by writing all of this I do hope that if you think you need an outline or a list when you do some of the things you think you need to do to start something then go ahead and do it. It is an individual thing. make it your own. Do what is comfy for you. Smile.
Now for the sharing part of my need to write all of this. I like giving information. and sharing what I have learned so that others don’t have to do all the steps I did whether the steps where mentally putting ideas ,things together what one needs to do and /or searching around the whole of the internet and putting piece of this and that together.

Now the other part of who this blog is for. I am trying to make this post short but with all the tangents of thought I find it hard. But I will try.

This blog is for these folks that are kinda new to the internet world of working online. The person who just came to the net to see if there was a way to make a living or to sale or to start something new to them.

The newbie. Why the new person because if you were like me. You have been on the net for a long time but like me you just went to sites to socialize find a date or explore a product that you may have wanted to buy. You know you like being online. The thought came to you,  why not try to make a living online. Great this blog is for you.

Also let me state this too that I am not recreating the wheel. This to say that you can find most of this information in other place than right here on this blog. That is fine great! , go search and use every thing that you find or some of it to craft or make what you want to do; yours. And if by chance you get one thing from my blog then I have added value and shared to you. and I will be tickled pink by your success.

Lets recap before I go on to the next post.

1.This blog is for me to motivate self to do the things I need to do,

2. This blog is for the new person who don’t have a clue as to what and how to get started with a business online,(note, in the future I will be going into other forms of work,franchises, and on) the steps mentally,physically and financially.

3. For any and everyone. Smile, who love life and what to talk about things. right now it’s working for self. a year from now how to live green. (who Know?) or how did you find your purpose in life or did you?

(tangent here). When you do go out and find the other motivations and mentors please bring some of it back here to me. I love getting inspired by others. Every one may say the same thing but it can be that one person that says it in away that you get that hah ha moment that makes everything click. Smile. Have a great day folks. I have to go do some washing to get prepared for my 9 to 5 work week.

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The story of Susan

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Once upon  a time there was a girl who had.

Well some great story start of like that but this one will not. Smile.

I was born into a family that had it own company. My grand father(Robert Cole) started a Funeral home from the ground up and he was one of the first millionaires  of his time. He did not have  a lot of education but he had the desire and the spirit to be his own man. I am  sorry to say that I never met the man, he died the year of my birth. A few months before I was born. I would love to have met him. I was told and from the business he started and help start and run that he was an inspiring man and a people person, full of life and fun.   I grow up with my mother and dad and a sister working in the family Funeral home. Metropolitan Funeral parlors. I worked in the company during high school, I went to college for a while in the mortuary science department. but I quickly understood that I had no desire to be a funeral director. So my college work-study turned to the arts. My father had hobbies of panting, woodworking and sculptor. We went on camping trips around the US. I had a wonderful and supportive family.

But as they say good things sometimes come to and end. I did not know how to get started in the art world. Art would not pay a living. So I came back home and started working at the funeral home. I met a man who was also going to school for mortuary science. We got married and he came to work at the funeral home.  We had two kids a son and a daughter. Money at the time was not a friend and the marriage had its problems. So I wanted to find other ways to make money to add to my family’s income. My parents in my view were passive in business and had gotten tangled up with legal challenge with an aunt who was mentally impaired. The courts would not let them make moves or changes. and they felt trapped and nervous about any move their could make  . Every little move required going to court first to get approval. Now that is a bummer. Talk about driving away any hope for growth or motivation. Any suggestion I had for changes and growth was always met with I don’t know we have to go to court.

I have ideas. and From advises I was told they were good ones and if I could get my parents to do them we could advance. however the above fear from my parents was given to me.  So I took my little self off and found other jobs. while working at the funeral home I had gotten an insurance license making pre-arrangement for extra cash. I liked working with people helping them to plan for a future funeral. After I left the funeral home and since I had an insurance license I started out working with seniors in the health care provider sector. I was good with the seniors.

Then came the other jobs and network marketing companies and I made a few dollars to help add to my little families budget . But  I had problems in the marriage and I could not do the things I needed to do and I did not get the support and encouragement. I was always told that what ever I got into will not work and that it is a bad idea. So I started to doubt my self    and  started to think negative.

A positive mind-set will get you to  your dreams. So at this time in my life with things in the relationship going wrong and two little ones to feed and take care of  the motivation was not there in my mind my soul and my spirit. So I started meet with others to talk about the opportunities and  it was ok not great but ok.   The marriage ended  and the job I had relocated. I had two children I had to raise  and care for. The typical  divorced mom situation right!

So I had to go back to the 9 to 5  job with benefits for my self and for the children. I had no time with work, the kids, the church and then family members being sick and needing my help with care giving. So I had to put my ideas and goals and yes some dreams on hold.

So to shorten the story all of my past has led me to where I am now with the desire to find the non 9 to 5 something I am passionate about.  I found out that you must have passion for what ever you do. you do have to push your self because you are going to have attacks of fear and nay sayers to stop you.  But I continued to have the desire to go and explore ideas and dreams that  could be if i just believed but it would be  a challenge.

But this exploration  did lead  to more self-confidence and I  pick up a few skills and knowledge on the journey.  I started to  feel satisfied, learned that I do like helping others and giving them news they can use or inspire them to want to learn and do more. i did that for my self and for my children. I never left my art but that became my hobbies. The desire to travel and see the world with the many people and places and things to do has also become a desire. My children are young adults now about to finnish college this year(2012) and I am still working that 9 to 5 wanting to turn my hobbies into something more. Retirement is within ten years and I want to find something to do before that comes  knocking on my door.

Over the past few years I have been reading books on how to do this and that and motivational  works of book in particular  is  Crush it by Gary Vaynerchuk  I read that book in February of 2010. and that book seemed to change my way of life and my view and gave me the inspiration  to do this blog. I will mention that book several times. it is so   inspiring to me. some good books you read over and over. and sometimes when you go back you get something new from it. The other  book or DVD that help me look at life more positive and to see that if I give bad vibes I get bad or negative vibes but if I believe see and feel the positive I get back the positive. That book was the Secret by Rhonda Byrne. well now the person you see and read here and will see is a very positive person. and I have my rose-colored glasses on to see you and all better. so let’s get on with the exploring the learning the building and the sharing of life on its terms. warning I also give little  keys to life. That is the title of a  little book that I found years ago  by Sophia Bedford-Pierce little sayings that mean so much. and are true.

“Introduction: there is not one way to accomplish a task, or live a life. there is not one name for happiness, contentment or caring. I have heard it said, and I have read; if there were only one door, there would be only one key to life.” S.B.-P.

The things I say and present to you here in this blog are only a few key to life. not the whole just parts that I have found and .S.M.C.-T.  Smile

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The first steps

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Happy to be learning and sharing

Hi, Well it has been a while since I started this blog and I had to go back and learn a few things so that I could bring you the information that I have learned, and the information that I have found. To start off let me tell you of the problems or some of the situations  so that you can learn from my trials and errors.   ok now I am a newbie and on-line  and with some of the equipment  that I need to do this blog.  This blog was to be a video  blog. So I found out that I can’t do that here. with a free blog I have to upgrade or get a widget.

Now mind you I understand and I hope that you will understand that to go into business and to make money you have to spend money; fine. I am working a full-time job that I will use to fund things until I can break way from that 9 to 5 and be independent. So I would suggest that you have a way to pay for all the things you will need to get started. the web is a friend and a learning tool. so use it to search and figure out what you will need. if you don’t have a job get one  or a part-time one so that you will have the funds you need.

Oh and let me say this I have made this blog for right now private I have not really invited any one to view because I still have a lot of things I want to add in before I really go public Adding a lot of content  so that you can follow and see the steps I am making in order to do what I need to do to get started with self employment. Then once I have a few blogs posted and more of the equipment I need to do a video blog. You can start off with the information faster than I did.

Now I know some of you may already have some of the things and information that I have to  collect  but bear with me and I hope this will be fruitful in the learning ,growing and the knowledge and the progression of the steps I take.

The camera, last summer I bought a Sony dcr-sr68 and I took it on a trip to learn and play with . I did some videos and they were ok not great. It had nothing to do with the camcorder it was me. Moving to fast and the sound was bad oh my goodness how bad. with the desire to do  interviews that was just not going to work. So back track and search what would I need and use. I had set up one interview but I could not do it with the sound quality just from the internal camera  sound.  I joined Vimeo ( check the website  out  very nice place) and there I learned that I need an external sound recording device. They recommend the Zoom H1 and another one that cost too much for me over $200. So I am settling for something close to the Zoom H1 . I am going to use the Olympus linear pcm recorder LS-10. and it cost me nothing . Wow!

Yes Wow. it is funny how life works. My daughter who is a student at Columbia College is taking a class there in radio and they have to use this recorder and it is in the tuition.

So free is great!  I was talking to her about having to look for and buy this Zoom H1 recorder and she tells me of the Olympus LS-10 she will get with her class. At this point  I am now playing with the recorder to see how it works.

I am also getting my personal look ready for doing interviews. and other little details that go with filming  and editing. So I changed my hair back to its black color.

All this alone can be over whelming at times but it is a challenge a way to change my life. and who is going to do that but me. If you want something you better go out and do it. God helps these who help themselves. you must take action.

Let me say this in closing this post. I am having fun learning all this new stuff. and I love the challenge  to grow as a person and to be someone you can count on to give you the information that one needs. Step by little step. I guess in a way this can also be seen as a journal of my steps to learn, to succeed in putting forth the action that I want to do as a goal and my part of the  journey.

I find inspiration  in many things the book The Secret also has help me. I would  suggest reading it and finding things that will help you motivate your self.  To implement change you have to improve self on many levels and  you have to start with how you think, and your wiliness to change and to see that change is indeed needed. I know you have heard this before but it is true. If you have been doing the same thing and not getting the things you need or want by doing the same thing, then it time to change the things you are doing to get a different result. This I think is the key. Life is trial and error. and error is not a bad thing all the time it is a tool for learning and growing. when a little child learns to walk he falls but he gets back up and takes another step. and he now knows how to walk.

So find books, websites, podcast, and people who can motivate, and inspire you to change your lifestyle and to have achievements in all area of your life mind, body and soul.

Finally to recap the important information here in. The camera a Sony dcr-sr68 make sure it fits your pc or mac. that is important too. The  external recorder Olympus linear pcm recorder, or the Zoom H1, Vimeo the website, and books or audio books of motivation. Also other books about getting mentally ready to be self-employed I have listed a few of the books and mentors I use in the categories. I will list more. That is all folks for now.

 you cannot nurture with out nourishment  what you do not nurture cannot grow.

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Bear with me folks!

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This blog is on a temporary hold, I am setting up interviews, recording is a trip! and fixing a few bugs that have gotten into my functions.Oh my! Got a few things to do before I present to you, the interviews  I have for you.

Thanks so much for being patient.

Love yah truly!

Smile. Have a great day!


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Who I am and why I am doing this blog

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By the waterfall in Vegas

First of all let me thank you for coming to the blog. Second let me say first and foremost that the name of this site is ConverseCity. It has nothing what so ever to do with shoes. It is about conversations about self employment. What kind of self employment jobs or careers are out there and to explore the world of network marketing as one form of self employment. I will be interviewing individuals and companies that do this. So that I and you can learn what to do and see options and get ideas to create our own living and life style. Not ever one wants to have a 9 to 5. and some of us like my self want to get out of one. My personal goal is to be free to schedule my own time and do other great things for our selves and with our time. Money yes that is important but I think my time means more than the money.The money will fuel my passions and hobbies! Come join me on this learning and growing venture. Lets have fun. Live,breath, grow.

Oh and by the way or let me add this too,  after I finish with  the topic of self employment I will want to explore more topics that are near and dear to me. and maybe you too. This is also why this blog is named ConverseCity. There are more conversation to get into than  just working. come on think about it. I love to travel, read, and being single, smile

Question: if life and love and thoughts are meant to be shared and are truly the essence of a meaningful life and I don’t share mine then who am I? smile. exactly! I have come to share. and I want you to join me in all the conversations of life!!

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Hello !!

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Welcome to ConverseCity! My name is Susan and I will be the host,or the main writer, interviewer of this blog. Let me first say that this blog has nothing what so ever to do with shoes! Unless you are a self-employed person making, or selling shoes. This blog is all about the self-employed person and the world of working for your self. and the many opportunities and ways to be self-employed.

I wanted to start this blog a year ago but life has a way of coming in and pushing back your goals for another rainy day. and this is that rainy day. so let’s get started.

First we will start off with my story of how I came to this point and why this subject matter. But first let me warn you that I will be learning and growing and I do hope that you will do the same with me as we explore this subject or topics related to working for your self . This blog will grow and change with the adding  of video, and appearance(changing over to vblog) links, Rss feeds and so on.  So this is just the start and I do hope that you find it interesting and informative. My goal is to learn and to be self-employed my self and to drag you along with me on this journey . Smile

The site is named ConverseCity because I wanted to converse about this subject and have you post comments and suggestions on the various points, levels, and companies I will talk with.   Converse=To engage in Conversation. City= a large or small town.

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