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chi rainyday
Hay everyone I just wanted to shot you a little note to say that I am working on witching this site to the wordpress org. so I can add more things and get a little commercial on you a bit! Smile.


Life changes and with that idea or that reality. I must say that I am too. So as the weather changes here. so shall this site. so please bear with me since you know I am new. So with being new it takes me a little bit longer to do the things I need to do. but take heart, the key point is to take action and that is for sure what I am doing. so if you use me as any kind of example then yes you take action too. and go for your dreams, and your wishes to work online. This is one big step that I take. and I would encourage you to do the same. that is with your dreams and goals. go for it. when I get this all going I know you know I will be back to tell you the in and out of things. and show you pictures of my vacation that was really not a vacation. Thanks so much for sticking with me. Here is just another sample of a photo series that I did.

20130830_112944 wow kinda cool!! smile and with that I got to run!! and a little quote for you. The only thing really constant is change!! smile.

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An Eye for the photo

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Hi everyone, and welcome back!! As you know I am also trying for the short post, and I hope this one will be one of them. But and there always is a but in life and with my intentions!! Smile. You know I explore the web and all its glory that is part of my learning and doing for this blog and my other projects. Now with this new phone I have I have been playing around and learning it. Within this blog I will show you just a few things I have done with it. It is mostly with the photo part of the process,that is one of the biggest and main reason for the phone. I don’t talk much on a phone I guess I am one of the few women in the world that does not chat a lot on the phone. I use it mostly for contacting my family and for safety on the road going here and there. However with an earlier post I stated that I also wanted to create most of the images I use on my blog and a way to get back into what I like to do. It is also what I went to school to do. Photograph and fine art. Any who, I think I have an eye for it. and I will let you be the judge of that. Yes, yes I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder .So with that statement I will share a few of them with you that I like. I have loaded a bunch on google+ and I have a bunch more that I need to learn how to upload or change from negative to this format I used an old cannon camera for some, but how to change and load these?to the internet??

I also have a few of the one I have altered on a site called PicsArt. These were altered on my phone. I will also and have started to make some that would be content specific, Which means I have to create some that would match what I am writing about. Which is also a challenge. Due to not knowing what topics I will chat about with you. However the idea is one that I will explore.

With photos my interest are a few, I like,love art so some will be just in that vein. I also like architecture and street art and nature and yes flowers for my love of growing things in my garden. So I think I will have a nice mix of things to share with you and to use in the postings. Today however, I will show you a few things I have done last week. When the weather gets better in my area I will be out and about with my phone and creating capturing images.
Have you ever heard of a stock photography. Will that you can also do as work online.

One final note before I share the photos, the next project I will do is turning a WordPress blog into a website and having ads on it. I think that would be fun to do, and something that I want to try. So with that idea in mind I have to get some ducks in order, so the storage or back up systems are first and now in place. I need more hard drive space as well and that is coming soon. I play with little money. So that is something I deal with in the area of being patient! smile. The cloud storage I got a nice deal with and that is paid up for a year. now, ok so on with the show. oh yes a quote! I have not done one of these in a while. this quote shows my frame of mind and my desires. Have a good day everyone. and coming soon more about the website/blog as a way to make a living online.

Putting your possessions in order makes for a neat home; putting your thoughts in order is preparation for tranquillity!









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