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Hay Everyone, it has been a little while since my fingers have hit the keys to send out a post on this blog. But as you know I go off time to time to do research on subjects that I find interesting. Some have to do with working online and others are on a personal nature. Todays post in a way started as personal. However I could see how it relates to working online in a few ways. I thought I would write a short blog post on the subject.
The next blog two post after this one started out also as a personal interest but, after attending a seminar and further research. So many light bulbs lite up that I had to go deeper in those subject as well. But that is for the next two post.

Lets get on with Subscription boxes!

Subscription boxes listings site

Subscription boxes listings site

OK I started out looking for a way that I could send things to my daughter who moved to the ATL earlier this year. Financially that move kicked my butt so, I had to postpone my plans for the and a few others to help her out. what do we do for our children? Well they are our future. So I thought ok fine. I still have that nine to five, and plan on staying there till I reach 60 years old.

Which is another two years. I can still work on my various projects and pay off the bills. So ok. Now I was looking for an automatic way that I could send her things in the mail.I believe in automatic ways of doing things. Have you read the book the automatic millionaire. Good book with some very good ideas. you should read it. I subscribe to that theory in most parts of my life. I have a pension a deferred comp, my bills. My car note payments are though a company called colonial corporation. There you can set up auto payments on cars home, apartment rents. all sorts of auto payment. Online I have automatic systems set up for where the blog post go and on and on. Set it and forget it! I love that concept.

I was exploring the net in search of a way to send her stuff,and found the world of subscription box services and companies. So I got involved with two. One for healthy snacks( Naturebox) and one for makeup.(Ipsy)
I am going to try them first before setting it up for her.(It has been about two months in each of the subscriptions).
Subscription box services or shopping sites like this sale the memberships for a fee of $5, $10,$20, $30, $45, dollars or more. They are set up to come once a month. Most of the selections are a surprise, but with them you can also pick a selection. I like the surprise and plus I am trying products out that I don’t know anything about, but want to learn and see what is out there. New companies, or products that I don’t have any clue about. Like makeup. I don’t use it. However as I get older I see the need or should I say I have the desire to see about using some of the products.

Ipsy subscription box

Ipsy subscription box

Suggestions from friends and family are great. I use their tips all the time however, what and who are the companies to use and what is new I have no clue. Heck I have had the same blush for years, and I have never used a gloss or lip polish. I got a sample of a lip gloss from Ipsy that I really like,and once I use it I will purchase another. Sure I see the younger ladies at work with the gloss and my daughter uses gloss, So it is my chance to try things for myself.

With Naturebox I have enjoyed many healthy snack items that I truly enjoy. What ever dietary needs you have or your taste preference, you can get it there. Weight loss, vegan, gluten conscious,made without milk or nuts.Most snack come in a full size bag. Now you can get a very good sense of the product.Once you have tasted the item you can order it again or continue getting a surprise selection with your dietary need being sent to you each month. I think it is a great program and I plan on sending a gift of this program to my daughter. She can have health snacks to turn to instead of regular chips.

Naturebox Subscription box

Naturebox healthier snack choices!

Looking at the world of these subscription boxes there are many people utilizing these services. The makeup industry is in my view is strong in that market with many many followers, you can see the evidence by going to utube with all the reviews! it is a great way for products to get known and to send out new samples of new products. Most send with free shipping included in the per month membership. But it does not stop there with makeup but that seems like the largest group of companies.
I will name a few of the companies so you can get a scope of what is being offered. Here is a few of them.
The fantasy box introduces couples to a new level of fun and communication with a new theme for a date night.
Travel box includes mix of travel goods selected from around the world.
Tackle grab yes you guessed it hand packed bait to your door.

There are tea companies, and kid boxes and boxes for men. for shoes to socks, flowers books, meals to hemp products. Now can you see why I am excited about this services? It is all done online and many a large and small company are represented there. To expose you to the services and products and companies.
if you have a company or product and you want to have some exposure, then I think this is a great way to get out there and be seen.
The companies have referral programs and cash off or free product if you refer someone or get on U tube and give a review of the product or services. There are over 150 subscription boxes plus companies out there, and growing. One blog I would like to mention two blogs I use myself to explore this world of subscription boxes the first one is penned by Lisa Koivu. she like to save money and shows all how to in a variety of ways, the next blog is this one is by Liz Corry She love these services and spends about $200 a month on them and reviews the various boxes.
They both have great blogs and very useful when wanting to get value from the boxes and the selection and reading what others have to say about the products and the boxes.Check out their blogs for detailed information on this subject.

Walmart and Target have joined in this game but so far they are only a quarterly plan. But for 5 or 7 dollars a shipment. Wow that is very nice. Most boxes try to give you products that are worth more than the monthly service cost. If Walmart sends five items and two surpass the monthly fee of $5 dollars then you are only paying for the shipping which they say is free. I do think it is worth it.And I get to try new things without spending a lot of money for full size products that I may or may not like.I think the quarterly plan is fine. Still with the idea of exploring and trying out new products.

I can get flowers, booze, artisan products, wellness and Eco friendly boxes and there are even a personal shoppers services for a monthly fee.
I think it would be a great market to do some research and see what is missing or just to get your product or service out there for the world to see and explore. The world of subscription boxes started in 2010 with a company called Burchbox out of New York. They are the first and the most widely used. Now I think they are starting to run ads on tv. I think this market will continue to expand, since it is done online and their seems to be a big customer base for it. It in my humble opinion is worth the money and would be a great gift for any one to get,and a good business to start online. Smile

A Quote for you in parting. Trim back the bloom that has flowered; a new bud will most certainly form.

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Wow! Oh Wow!

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Oh wow how long has it been since I have written a post? It has been too long. oh wow I am sorry about that but, in a way things were out of my control. In a way that is. When writing a blog about working online I do explore ways to work online, and some I get into and explore them in detail. It takes me away away some times down a rabbit hole.(Now how do you get out!) Others I do a surface scan. In this big old world there are so many ways one can go.So much of it is so detailed. Steps on steps to learn to do and to explain. Sometimes you get overwhelmed with it all. So you sort and you sift, though pages of notes and a brain freeze from time to time. As I am sure if you are one who is looking or exploring working online, you will understand this whole heartedly.

And then there are the plans of mice and men. Often stuff happens to spoil your plans or and your plans change and grow and expand and you get into something and you find it is just not for you. Now you have to take a few steps back.Wow! there you are, or should I say there I am. I guess that is the way of living life. No problem in a way. Due to the nature of my thoughts. I am positive and set back are just that a temporary set back. and then I am up and trying to figure out the next step to do. Life I love it.

I must confess that most of the stuff that has happens did help and where for an other persons benefit. I feel good that I could help them. So what is a mother to do. Yes come to the aid of your children. what is a daughter to do. Help my family sure.In my mind that is what I am here to do,to a point. while they craw I help them stand. So my plans are on the back burner for a while. No sweat. it makes me happy to see what I have done for them. And so I ask or I say rather that it was good. and I am happy with that. I am still working at a job that I don’t like but it is not the end to my world and my plans for self employment.It just turns out to be a longer stay at my current job. It is good pay and I have a retirement plan in place. I know it does not for fill all my needs and desires and my passions. That’s Life.

I have searched and have found that I just love taking pictures and digitally changing them in an app or two. It is the creative process that I like and the end result that fills me with joy as well. With most things I do I am creative. MY mom and my family just love the way I cook in the kitchen; I do create some good dishes, neighbor and friends like my garden my yard and what I have done with it. However I must say it is looking pretty bad now. I will call it the adventures of the lawn mower again.
I was in a rush and I put the gas in the wrong location again. oh Wow not again!! So now I have to find a services who will cut it for me with one of their big mowers! LOL enough said about that.(head down walking down the hall of shame). and I say again Wow! oh Wow! Smile, No fear it will get back in order, my nephew who was helping me with mowing the lawn broke his wrist and could not do it for a while,( he had to get a screw in the bone ouch!) so little old me said I will tackle this jungle. Well the grass was to high for my little bit of mower and the thing stop working! So I thought it was empty of gas. I had so much to do that day and I was just going to knock it out! Hum! Sure, right. So I did not read the signs on the mower due in part that my glasses kept falling off, and put the gas in the oil location. Does that not sound so familiar. Yes oh yes it does. oh boy.See lawn mower post! white smoke all over the place! Hot dang!

I like to write and I love doing this blog it is creative. Sure it has rules of how it should be done. I don’t like most rules but I see where at times it is necessary! I try to follow them but sometimes oops!. Well not today no pictures to draw you in. And it is on the longish side. You all know my battle of being somewhat long in wind and writing. Well I have not been here for a while so please bear with me. I guess the gurus will say you have just lost some of your readers since it is so long. You know their attention span is short, short short.And then there is the mobile pages to consider!! Am I perfect who is perfect, what is perfect? Not I for sure! Do I ever what to be perfect? In my dreams he is perfect! And where is he? oh get the picture, perfect is not a name or a person it is an idea. Is there the concept of perfect in its imperfection? Hum I guess I will think on that tangent/notion later.

So the long and short of this post is that the plans I made for turning this blog into a website is still a go, it is just going to take little old me longer to do so. The good news about that is I will start to write more stuff here on the regular, since I just love to do this, and I will continue to build on the art site that I have in partnership with fineartamerica. If you want you can go view some of the work I have there. Yes I have been busy!and I am not done! ( View art work not galleries and if you want to buy,then be my guest. Also I must say there are some pretty good artist there; so view their work as well at We tweet about each others work sometimes and share it with other tweeters and followers. Art can be an investment. But you all know this right? Smile.

You don’t know who is going to make it big in the art world so take advantage of them now when they are not. It like buying penny stocks. They can be in a growth” phase, and they have room to grow and improve. The value therefore can rise. You have a greater return on the potential at a lower cost. You can also buy more at this low-cost. Now if it does not do well you have not lost a great deal of money. But Art is more tangible than penny stocks to me. It looks nice on a wall and adds warmth to a room,a conversation piece and you can still sell it or give it as a gift. So buy art! smile.

Now for the big close!! Wow! I was so sad to hear of Maya Angelou’s death this week, I loved her mind and the way she lived, and the way she brought ideas and stories and her poems to life and made them run though your mind and into your heart; as she put it when talking about life and writing. That is what I love so much about the arts; any form of it. This is why I will play with them all. my photos, my writing and cooking and the art of loving my family myself and the world at large.

I think those folks who are a liver of life who have so many experiences and passions are living a life full and never on empty.
They love life with all its expressions and faces and skins, for we are truly only one in the sun and the scope of what life is truly! When I think of her she warms my heart for there was a lot of thrush and wisdom behind those eyes and in that soul. I am sad but not sad for she lived a rich life.
Maya Angelou is an example for us all.30 years my senior I only which I can be as warm and as rich as she was with in the arts and life itself.

We all have something to share with the world and she was great with the sharing of her life. and that is what I wish for.How do I turn the words on a page into light that fill a mind,a heart that brings forth a meaning a wish,a feeling and love. And to do that same thing with in an image. To look at a picture or art for a long time and see something in it every time,different, new, a favorite memory, to evoke passion.A changeable meaning or message to a different viewer each time.That is art.She had this kind of was a smart way to show her love and to tell that story that was within.

So you know I always leave with a Quote and this one is from Ms. Angelou in honor of her life and the women herself.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

and one more from her.

Life loves the liver of it.

Rest in peace Maya Angelou. Be well.

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